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Sports Gambling Industry Responds to Coronavirus Pandemic

The sports gambling industry has been struck by the Coronavirus pandemic, as many sporting events have been canceled or put on hold. Therefore, sports gambling operators have had to find creative ways to mitigate the loss they are currently suffering due to the pandemic. So, some have offered gamblers other betting options such as politics and TV shows.

However, some sports events have not been put on hold as yet. For example, horse racing, rugby as well as the Australian A-league soccer. But all are hoping the NFL will make a return so that people can start gambling again. However, not all is lost because sports gambling websites are working hard to ensure that they stay afloat during this difficult time.

Sports Gambling Operators Respornd to Corona Virus

Sports Gambling Product Launched Have Been Put on Hold

Gambling operators have placed products launched that are centered on specific sporting events. For example, events such as March Madness and the MLB have been placed on pause. While some marketing campaigns have also been pushed to a later date.

A sports gambling advisor told the media that many operators are doing their best to ensure that there are contingency plans in place. So, these gambling operators are thinking carefully about preserving employees and avoiding retrenchments.


Sports wagering websites such as FanDuel and DraftKings are relying on their Daily Fantasy wagering options to make up for the loss. So, you will find betting options such as politics and television shows. However, not all is lost because there are some international events that have not been canceled, such as the Australian A-league soccer, horse racing, and rugby.

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