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Top Basketball Betting Sites in the USA

Basketball betting has grown to be one of the most popular past time events in the United States of America. Many USA players enjoy placing wagers on games the great NBA league (National Basketball Association) as well as other bigger leagues such as the European league. Basketball has garnered quite a large following, and this is a result of the NBA, which takes place in-between the NRL (National Rugby League) and the AFL seasons.

Our top reviewers aim to provide you with the best basketball betting guide where you’ll find top betting sites, tips and strategies, together with all the other relevant information. So, read on below and find out all there is to know about basketball betting in the USA.

Top Basketball Betting Sites America

Below are the top rated basketball betting sites available. You will most certainly find interesting betting options at any of these sportsbooks below:


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The Full List of Best USA Online Casinos

What is Basketball Betting?

Basketball betting is when American players place wagers on semi-professional or professional basketball matches. With this sporting activity being so famous in America, it’s not surprising that many bettors are looking for reputable sportsbooks where they can place their wagers on the popular Euro league or the NBA.

At the top American sportsbooks we feature, US bettors can place their wagers on any basketball games in any leagues across the globe. More so, they are not limited to making just the match-winner outright bets, but they have a massive selection of bets to choose from. So, read on below and learn more about these bets and how to bet on basketball in America.

Basketball Betting Lines in America

Below are some of the most popular betting lines available at top betting sites in America. USA punters can use these betting lines when placing wagers on any of the biggest basketball leagues in the world such as the NCAAB, NBA, to mention a few.

  • Line/Spread Betting: These types of bets place a handicap the leading team so as to make the bettor’s gambling experience more interesting. For instance, a basketball betting line, in this case, could read Sydney Kings (-10) vs Perth Wildcats. This would mean that Sydney Kings will be expected to win the match by over 10 points. So, if a bettor best on the Kings to win, as we said, they will have to win by more than 10 points for the player’s bet to pay out. On the other hand, a bet placed on the other team would only pay out if the team loses the game by less than 10 points.
  • Head to Head Betting: These are wagers that are placed on the overall winner of a match. For instance, betting on the winning team in a game between X and Y.
  • Totals: These bets are about the overall score of the match. For example, bettors can place their wagers on a match between X and Y and say that the game will have a total of more than 120 points. Such bets are also known as over-under bets.
  • Futures: Outright wagers made by choosing the team that will win the tournament as a whole. In this case, one can bet on the Golden State Warriors to win the NBA before the season even starts.
  • Pops: These are wagers that are placed by bettors on specific events that take place during a match. For example, one can bet on their favourite player scoring the first goal in a match.

Best Paying Basketball Tournaments in the USA

If you are one of the punters looking to wager on the top basketball tournaments in the USA, then you might want to wager on any of the basketball championships explained below.

NCAA Basketball

NCAA Basketball (National College Athletics Association) is a well-known tournament even outside The States. The matches in the NCAAB also showcase upcoming basketball stars and allow avid punters to keep track with which players will likely grow in the basketball industry. The good thing about betting on the NCAA Basketball is that the results of the matches tend to be much easier to predict in comparison to the NBL or the NBA.

NBA Tournament

The NBA is the US’ leading basketball tournament, and it is considered to be one of the most popular sports leagues to be betted on worldwide, especially in America. In the NBA, we witness the best basketball players game against each other in the most exciting matches in the industry. The NBA tournament has a wide range of betting options in store for US bettors.

Euro League

This is the most significant club basketball competition in the whole of Europe. However, there is a large population of American bettors that place wagers on the Euro League and still manage to win big. Relates to the UEFA Champion’s League and the NBA, Europe’s best basketball players will be competing against each other with the aim of determining which one will be the best in the whole of Europe.

Tips and Strategies for Basketball Betting in America

Our expert team of bettors at has come up with a few tips and strategies that USA bettors can make use of. So, be sure to keep any of the following basketball tips whenever you are about to place a cheeky wager online:

  • Research: Before you dig into your bankroll to place a wager, it’s essential for you to research on the teams that will be playing on the match that you want to bet on. If one of the teams has been on a serious losing streak, then you might not want to risk it by placing your wager on them.
  • Watching Different Games: If you are planning n betting on basketball and expect to win, then you must first consider watching the matches at the very least. This is the best way of keeping up with all the relevant events of the sport.
  • Research for better Odds: All sportsbooks do not offer the same basketball betting odds in America. For one to be able to make some good profit, they need to go around different sportsbooks on the internet and look for a reputable site with the best odds on offer.
  • Home Court Advantage: It’s important to know that sportsbooks normally peg the home teams to do better than the ‘away’ teams. So we advise you not to overlook this factor when you are now placing bets on the best matches in the US.
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