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Best Golf Betting Guide the USA

USA Golf BettingGolf betting has become a popular betting trend in the USA. The Best Oddsmakers and sportsbooks are very much aware of the trend, and they have made every effort possible to keep up with it. If you find sports wagering site USA to visit for golf betting, then you should do so. You have to understand that betting on Golf is different than other sports. If you want to know how to bet on the Golf using different golf wagers, then you should read this golf betting guide.

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Golf Betting Types for US Players

Golf betting can make the tournaments and the matchups a thrill to witness. There’s always a chance that you favourite golf player win in any given week. However, as we have told you before, wagering on Golf is not solely about choosing the player you think will win. Know the different bet types in Golf will go a long way on your golf wagering strategy.

Tournament Winner

When betting on the tournament line in Golf, it means you ware wagering on who you think will become victorious at the end of the game. Since Golf is mostly an individual sport, as a bettor, you will have to choose from a list of over 100 players that are participating in the tournament. If you have chosen the correct player, then you stand to win quite high amounts.

Matchup Winner

In player against player matchups, or otherwise known as groupings. You can then use this bet to guess who will win. For instance, if the Money line bet has Tiger Woods at +160 odds and +120 odds for Phil Mickelson. Then you can see that Phil is the favourite player and you will have to place a $120 bet to get back $100 should he win. If you place a wager on Tiger and he manages to win you will get back $160 for your bet.

Round Leaders

This bet is used in tournaments. So, in addition to choosing which player will win in a tournament, you can also bet on who you think will lead a round at the end. Lets’ say Justin Thomas is playing and you bet on him to win the first round of the Masters. The odds are often shown to sports bettors the day after the play is completed. It can be very unpredictable to vote on who will be the leader of the pack at the end of a specific round. However, if you know that a particular player always pulls through and wins in certain rounds, then you can go ahead and bet on the Round leaders.

Golfer Nationality

This bet involves wagering on a player for a particular country or region winning. For example, you can choose to bet on Jason Day as the top Australian player in the Masters. If he beast the other Australian players participating, then you will win the wager.


When you place a parlay bet you think that multiple events will occur in a match or tournament. For you to win this bet, you will have to choose correctly the different events that will happen. Let’s say you bet $100 that Tiger Woods will beat Phil Mickelson and you have also wagered that Justin Thomas will beat Brooks Koepka in US Open. Then Tiger Woods winning and Justin Thomas beating Brooks Koepka have to happen for you to win your parlay bet. You will lose if one of the two events happen.


You can place a futures bet on events that you think will happen in the future. For example, you may think that the US Open will take back the Ryder Cup in 2020, then you will need to place a futures wager to see if you can win. If the odds are +200 of the US Open reclaiming the cup and you place a $100 bet, you will then take home $200.

Prop Bets

Prop Bets are side bets that can be attached to other wagers or outcomes in golf betting. In most cases, you will find tournament props or player props (these are based on the performance of a particular player). You can bet on many possible side bets; for example. You can wager on whether you think Dustin Johnson will have the best score in the second round of the US Open.

Live/In-Game Betting

This bet gives you the ability to wager on tournaments as they are happening. The odds change regularly during the tournament matches. And the sportsbooks will update them over the duration of the tournament. The wager is based on the action that is taking place right there and then. So, the sportsbook may update you on how Tiger Woods is performing and propose on his odds of winning the tournament.

Betting on Golf US

Golf Betting Games and Tournaments

The PGA Tour in the USA as well as all over the world offer many different tournaments for bettors to wager on throughout the year. Some tournaments only offer the opportunity for bettors to wager on one winner.

PGA Majors

In each calendar year, one would say that the majors are considered quite prestigious. This tournament is hosted by the Professional Golfers’ Association of America. The Majors are a big deal in golf betting, and they attract quite a significant amount of media attention.

The Masters

This is probably one of the most spoken about the tournament in golf betting. The US Masters is held in Georgia at the Augusta National Golf Club. The winner of this tournament will receive the much-coveted green golf jacket.

The Players Championship

This tournament offers some of the best prize rewards in golf games. The prize can come up to $10.5 million or even higher. This Tournament is in Ponte Vedra Beach, in Florida. The host of this lovely tournament is the TPC at the Sawgrass course. The tournament was established in 1974 and had been running at the Sawgrass since 1982. You may hear many players refer to this tournament as the 5th major because it is so popular.

The Ryder Cup

This event takes place every two years, and it is different because it is a team event instead of an individual event. In the Ryder Cup, the US players play against the European players. This tournament was started in 1927 and had been running since. The tournament is played between the USA and Europe. Each continent needs to assemble some of its best players to battle it out in the golf course. You may see some of your favourite pro golfers participating in this tournament.

The US Open

In most cases, the US Open has always ended on Father’s Day. The tournament is played on many different courses in the country. Many American have been fans of the US Open since its inception in 1895. The history has established itself as a staple in America with many thrilling moments and unforgettable finishes

The Open Championship

You may have also heard some people also refer to this tournament as the British Open. It’s probably the oldest major tournament in golf history.  The tournament was first established in 1860. It is the only Tournament in Golf to hold the distinction of being held outside of the United States. Since it’s the oldest golf tournament around it is only fitting to hold this the event on the Old Course at St Andrews, which is the oldest golf course in the world.

The PGA Championships

This major tournament is often the last one in the year. It usually takes place the third weekend before Labor Day. However, in 2019 it was moved to the third weekend of May. Similar to the US Open there is no set golf course that this tournament is held at, it varies every year. The winner of the tournament has the prestigious opportunity of joining the PGA Tour for the following five seasons. The winner will also be automatically be invited to the other 3 majors, and they gain a lifetime of eligibility in the PGA Championship.

FedEx Cup

In the FedEx Cup, players who participate in this tournament earn points for every event they play in for that particular year. It is considered the annual championship that helps in determining the best golfer in the PGA tournament. If you know anything about football, then you could consider the FedEx Cup as the Playoffs of the PGA Tour. You should bear in mind that the player that has the most wins is not guaranteed to win the FedEx Cup.

World Golf Championships

There are four yearly events that are associated with the World Golf Championships (WGC). The WGC is at a lower level than the other majors. However, it still draws a lot of attention from fans around the world. The WGC events were established in 1999. These include the WGC-Mexico Championship, the WGC-Dell Match Play, the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational. The HSBC Champions events were incorporated in 2009.

Golf Tournament Betting

USA Golf Betting Strategy

When you look at any tournament in Golf, it is mostly expected that you will look at the names that have gained popularity in the media and the golfing circles. These would be your Tiger Woods, Roy McIlroy, Phil Mickelson and many others who are well-known. However, it is usually the players that are not known that traditionally come out and challenge the popular players for the big prize. An example of this would be Jordan Spieth and Billy Horschel, who came out from obscurity and led the pack. These relatively unknown players are more often than not disregarded in the market. Therefore, the duty falls on the bettor to find those players and find value in them.

One of the most challenging things to do is figuring out the players that are backing themselves and those that aren’t. In Golf, this means you have to assess which players are highly confident at the beginning, which then makes other people support them because of the confidence the player has. Golf is so tricky because players are not always in top form. They can dip in and out of form from time to time. A player could have the worst form for a long time they pull through in the last minute and win the Masters.

However, there are signs that you can look out for that are solid and can help you in choosing the best golf player to bet on. The golf markets are always fluctuating, and the fluctuations can still give you an indication of what is happening.

Frequently Asked Questions About Golf Betting

Here are a few questions that other bettors have asked about betting on gold in the United States. Read through these questions to get more information on golf betting.

What is an Each Way Bet?

When you are placing an each-way bet, then you are essentially making two separate bets. The first bet is placed on the player. Then the second bet is placed on whether you think the player you have chosen will finish the tournament in a leading position. Usually, it is either the top 5 or top 10 positions.

When should a bet be hedged?

Golf is an exciting sport because the odds on all the players in the tournaments make it easy for bettors to hedge bets. Hedging bets are easy when you have placed a wager on the player before the tournament begins. It sometimes happens that the odds change for players from one day to another.

What is the difference between match bets and rounds?

Match bets are wagers placed on which players bettors think will shoot the highest score in a three-ball grouping. Or bettors could decide to bet on which players they believe will score the lowest score.

What does handicap mean in Golf?

This term is quite prevalent in Golf, and you may have heard it a lot even outside the golf betting world. A handicap is a method that is used to determine how good a player is in Golf. A number usually represents a player’s handicap. It is determined by the number of strokes a player should be able to take over or below par.

Can I use any Golf Betting systems to Win?

There are many golf wagering tips that you can find on the internet. However, betting on Golf is a little tricky because the odds are forever changing. So, what might have been true one day will not be good the next day. But there are strategies and systems that you can use when betting on Golf that will never change.

Who is the highest-paid golfer of all time?

Tiger Woods is the highest all-time earner in Golf. He earns $122.5 million. He has 120 victories under his belt so far.

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