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NCAAB Betting Picks

NCAAB (also known as the National College Athletic Association of Basketball) is one of the most famous variations of basketball betting in the USA. Punters get to watch and place bets on the young rising stars of America’s university leagues. For one to get an avid US bettors’ crowd excited, all they have to do is to utter ‘March Madness’.

Below we will look at all the relevant aspect when it comes to ncaab. This will include ncaab betting lines, ncaab betting tips and odds, a guide to the famous basketball bets available and finally a list with the top NCAA Basketball sports betting sites available in the USA. So, read on and learn more about NCAAB betting in the United States.

Best NCAAB Betting Sites in America


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The Full List of Best USA Online Casinos

Top NCAAB Betting Lines & Odds

Below are some of the best NCAAB betting odds offered at the most recommended basketball betting sites in America:

  • Spread Betting: This is one of the most loved wagering options in America. With spread betting, one team is referred to as the underdog, and the other is made the favourite. The favourite is then offered a handicap that they need to overcome for the bets that are made to be able to pay out. If US punters place their wagers on the underdog, they are declared a winner if the team wins or manages to reduce the difference in scores specified in the handicap.
  • Moneyline Bets: These are one of the easiest bets that one can make, it basically involves selecting a winning team for a specific match. However, at Best USA Betting sites, we advise US punters to research and understand the NCAA college basketball wagering trends before they place any moneyline bets. This will help you make a wise decision before betting with your real money.
  • Futures: This is when USA bettors make wagers on a specific team to win the NCAA basketball tournament. These bets can be placed at any time and they offer higher odds because they tend to be challenging to win.
  • Props: Wagers placed predicting a particular event will take place during the match, for instance, betting on a specific team to score first. As a result of the NCAAB being a huge league, many basketball betting bookies do not offer the prop betting option associated with individual players.
  • Over/Under: Mostly referred to as totals, this is when US punters place bets on the overall score of the match. Online sportsbooks will predict a score line that they expect the game will reach and then the bettors have to predict if the total score will be more or less.

Top NCAA Basketball Betting Tips

Our expert team of bettors has compiled the best tips and tricks that will assist bettors in the USA to make a better decision when placing their bets:

It’s a little bit hard to make total bets on March Madness compared to when one is making wagers on other variations of sporting events. This is a result of the limited number of times that a player has to play before the start of the tournament.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has 82 games, and it forces every team to play against each other more than once. However, the NCAAB has a much smaller dataset in comparison to other professional basketball leagues, and somehow, this weakens the bettor’s analysis when they want to predict the totals.

When it comes to complicated betting scenarios, players are advised to pay more attention to the defence that they are placing their wager on when it comes to the underdog team. Hitting the buckets will need precision and skill, whilst the solid defence will be built on sound effort and fundamentals. So if you are one of the new bettors in the realm of NCAA college basketball betting and you aren’t sure as much what you should wager on, try to lean more on the defence. It’s much easier to predict these results.

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