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Best Football Betting Guide USA

USA Football BettingFootball betting may seem like a daunting experience in the United States, but it does not have to be. Once you get involved in the activity, you will realise how much fun it is to bet on your favourite football players in the NFL and other minor leagues. This is why we have created this guide to make sure that you stay on the right track of football wagering in the United States. We also go a step further by showing you the different internet sportsbooks USA that you can choose, football betting lines, top footbal betting tips and much more. If you want to become a pro at football betting, then you will need to read all the football wagering guides that we have for you.

Best Football Betting Sites USA


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Football Betting Lines

As you may know, football betting is quite popular in the United States, and there are many different ways that people can use to participate in this sport. We will discuss the various football bets that bettors can use at any of the recommended bookmakers in the USA.

Points Spread Betting

A point spread is a handicap that is used to ensure that there is a 50/50 betting proposition. For example, an oddsmaker may offer a point spread on a football game between two teams that looks like this: Team A (+3.5) and Team B (-3.5). This means that Team B is a favourite according to the sportsbook while Team A is considered the underdog in this particular game. This means that if team B wins, they would have to win with 4 points or more to cover the spread. While team A would have to not lose by 3 points or less.

Totals Football Betting

This bet is pretty simple to understand. The internet bookmaker will post the number of points it expects will be scored in the during the game. What bettors are tasked with is the job of deciding whether the actual final score will be over or under the proposed number. With this bet in football betting, you have a 50% chance of winning since you are betting on one of two outcomes.

Football Betting USA

Money Line Betting

This is a simple wager. All you need to do is pick which team you think will win the game. The odds of each game are based on a team’s chance of relatively winning. As usual, you will have your underdogs and your favourites in a game. The favourites will be represented with a positive sign while the underdogs will be represented with a negative sign.

Props Football Betting

The prop bets are wagering that are placed on events or outcomes that are decided as the game is happening in football. However, these bets are not directly linked to the final result of the game. So, there are many things that bettors can place their wager on, such as:

  • Which team will score first?
  • What distance the longest touchdown will be
  • The number of field goals will be kicked within a game.

Prop bets, otherwise known as proposition bets, are considered the fun bets in football betting. They don’t have to be taken seriously, but if you guess some of them correctly, you could walk away with a lot of money in your pocket.

Future Betting

Futures bets are wagers that are placed on events that are yet to take place. In the regular season, you could place a wager on which team you think will have to win the Super Bowl. This wager is based on the performance of a particular team during a season. Before you place this bet, you have to make sure that you know the teams that you want to bet on.

How to Use Online Football Betting Sites USA

It a straightforward activity to place bets at internet oddsmakers in the United States. It is straightforward to open account, and the websites are user-friendly. Pacing wagers does not take a lot of your time, and you will find that the activity is fun.

Betting on Football in America

Make Use of Bonus Rewards

Many of the sports gambling sites that we have recommended will offer you incentives to make you continue betting at their website. New bettors and well as existing bettors will be offered rewards for being a part of that particular sportsbook. You need to take advantage of all the promotions that are offered to you.

Have More Than One Account

Sportsbooks on the internet in the USA offer different odds and lines for football games. This means you have to shop around for the best value. It would be in your best interest to find the best value for your money when betting on the internet. It may not seem like vast differences; however, these various small differences all add up to make a big difference for you.

Top Football Betting Tips

  • Have a dedicated Bankroll – You have to make sure that you have money set aside for betting on football. This money should not be money that is needed for something else. Your gambling bankroll should be cash that you are willing to lose.
  • Betting Knowledge is helpful – if you are to make money from betting on football, then you need to have some understanding of how football betting works. We have provided you with a few guides that will help you understand everything you need to know about betting on football in the United States.
  • Come to terms with making mistakes – one of the things you need to understand is that nothing is certain in gambling. There is one thing that you should be confident of is the fact that you will make mistakes. You don’t have to worry too much that you are going to make mistakes. You make them and learn from them.
  • Use a simple football betting strategy – many football betting strategies are very complex that many people don’t understand. If you want to be successful in betting, all you have to do is find a straightforward football wagering strategy. This will ensure that you can understand how to bet and on football like a pro.
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