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Best Boxing Betting Odds USA

Boxing has always paired with betting in the United States, and it remains a huge business for those involved. Because of the long history of the sport, it has become an attraction for many sports bettors. Since the history of the sport and betting are long, there are few betting guides available for novice boxing bettors. In this guide, we will give an indepth explanation on belling odds, the betting odds calculator, and betting lines.

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Boxing Betting Odds

Boxing betting is limited in its range of bets available especially when you compare it to other sports that have a varied range of betting lines. It’s important to note that it is way more fun to bet on a match that you are interested in. In boxing, there are six bets that gamblers can use to place their bets.

Bout Betting

This is one of the easiest bets in boxing because you are only betting on who you think will be the winner of the match. Sometimes there is a draw option, but since draws happen infrequently, the odds may not always be high.

Round Betting

This bet requires punters to choose which fighter will win and the round in which they will win. Experts view this bet as one of the best to use if the odds on the favourite fighter are low.

Round Group Betting

This bet has a bit more flexibility because bets can be placed on groups of rounds. This bet is a favourite for bettors because picking the exact round that will be the victory round can be challenging. Therefore, you can bet on  multiple rounds that you think are the winning rounds.

Method of Victory

This option allows bettors to decide which method of fighting will be the winning one. There are various ways fighters can win a fight; through technical knockout. Knockout or if the other opponent gets disqualified. It is essential also to choose the fighter that will win the match. There are times when the oddsmaker will group the methods based on the fighter’s strength.

boxing betting usa

Fight to go the distance

This a simple bet because you as a bettor have to decide whether the match will last the whole 12 rounds or not. This bet can be straightforward to win on provided research is done on the different fighters. For example, if you know that Mayweather usually wins in a few rounds, then it would be a good idea to bet.

Over/Under Rounds

If choosing this bet, you have to decide whether the match will last over or under the given number of rounds.

Boxing betting strategies

There are many ways that boxing experts use to bet on the matches and the fighters. It can take time to develop a boxing strategy that works for you especially when there is no help. Here are a few strategies that have been used by betting aficionados.

Look for the Underdogs

In Boxing, it is always a good idea to pick the underdog because the odds usually favour them, especially in high profile matches. Similarly, to other sports, the public will always choose to bet on the favourite rather than a fighter they are unfamiliar with. Therefore, selecting the underdog will have the better payout should he win.

Analyse the participants

Being successful in betting in boxing requires the task of collecting as much information as possible about the contestants. While you can never make a bet that is a definite win, research can help in bettering your odds.

Choose betting sites wisely

It’s important to choose a boxing betting site that will suit you betting needs. A comparison of the different sites gives you the ability to find a site that will provide you with the best value. Some gambling sites will offer better odds on the underdog or an outsider, which would make them a great place to begin betting. It is even better if the site also provides promotions, like signup bonuses and VIP programmes.

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