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We are all aware of the fact that horse racing and gambling has been a pair for a very long time. It seems like the two cannot exist without the other. Betting horses can be one of the most daunting experiences a new fan can go through. There are many ways that new fans can bet on horses in the United States. Here is a guide to all the betting lines and the different rules associated with each track.

As with many other sports in the world, betting horses have a variety of ways that fans can place bets to increase their odds of winning. Some betting lines are easier to understand than others. Betting lines are divided into two categories: straight wagers and exotic wagers. The Straight wagers include the Win, Place and Show bets while the Exotic bets involve the Daily Double, Quinella, Exacta, Trifecta, Superfecta, pick 3, pick 4, Boxing horses in exotics, Keying horses, wheeling horses and part wheels.

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Best Horse Racing Bets in the USA

Win Bet: The win bet is one of the simplest bets in horse racing. There is not much research or thought required for this bet, you select the horse you think will win the race, and you place your bet on that particular horse.

Place Bet: This bet is a little safer than other bets because it only requires a horse to place first or second. Since there is not much risk associated with the bet, the earning is not that significant. It is, however, an excellent bet for novice bettors.

Show Bet: A horse needs to come; first, second or third to be considered a “show” this is also one of the bets that are considered less risky and the pay-out is not as large as other bets. But It is also one of the bets that new bettors can use to acclimate themselves to betting on horses.

Daily Double: The daily double bet is part of the exotic wagers group, and it requires placing bets on bets on multiple selections. When betting with the daily double, it requires choosing the winning horse in two successive races. There is an early daily double and a late daily double. The early daily double involves the two races in the beginning, and the late daily double involves the last two races of the day. To win bettors must choose the winning horse in each of the races.

Quinella: In this best, the requirement is to choose the horses that finish the race first and second. It does not matter which horse came first or second; the primary objective is to pick the main aim is to choose the horses that will occupy those positions.

Exacta: The Exacta bet requires bettors to select the horses that will finish in the first and second positions in the order that they will finish the race. Therefore, to win you have to choose the horse that will finish first and the horse that will finish second.

Trifecta: The requirement with this bet is to choose the three horses that will finish the race in their respective positions.

Superfecta: If you choose to use this bet, you must select the first four horses to finish the race. To win you have to guess the winning horses and their respective positions correctly.

Pick 3: This bet requires you to choose the winning horse in three successive races. A lot of sportsbooks offer this bet for punters.

Pick 4: This bet is similar to the pick three bet; however, you have to pick the winning horse in four successive races.

Horse Race Betting Glossary

As a novice, the different terms that are used in Horse Race Betting can be confusing and make the whole betting experience daunting and exclusive. Here is a list of words that are often used in horse race betting.

Boxing Horses

In exotics betting, a box is essentially taking all the possible outcomes in that bet. Maybe you have established the best horses in a particular race, and you are not entirely sure in which positions the horses will finish the race. Then you can bet 1-2-3-4-5 which means your horses must finish in the top four of the five horses for you to win.

Keying horses

This is when you use one horse to win the race, come second or in the third position by using the various horses that are behind or before the horse you have picked.

Bridge Jumper

This term is used for a person who usually bets a large amount of money on one horse. Most people think the bettor may consider jumping off a bridge if the chosen horse comes in second.

Dead Heat

This is when two or more horses come in at precisely the same time. This will mean that the winnings for the horses that came in first, second or third will be divided between the horses.


This essentially means a review by the personnel needs to be done over an incident that requires some attention.

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