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Forbes Most Powerful Sports Agents List Released

Sports agents have played an essential part in the formation of athletes’ careers over the years. This year the world’s most powerful sports agent comes from the much-loved sport: Soccer. This is no surprise because in 2019 soccer players were topping the list of the most paid athletes in the world.

Jonathan Barnett has secured the number 1 spot in the Forbes list as the most powerful sports agent in the world. He has been able to negotiate more than $1.28 billion in contracts that are active as well as transfer fees. His commission fees have come to approximately $128 million. Last year he had occupied the number 3 spot in the Forbes list.

Barnett is the chairman and co-founder of the Stella Group which is based in London. For more than two decades, Jonathan has represented some of the best soccer players in Europe. He has also been very instrumental in bringing Cricket to South Africa, after being asked by Nelson Mandela.

Sports Agent Jonathan Barnett

Jonathan Barnett one of the Most Powerful Sports Agents in the World

Barnett has a list of more than 200 clients that he oversees, and he has been instrumental in negotiating some of the best deals in SoccerSoccer. One of his achievements includes the annual $33 million contract for Gareth Bale with Real Madrid. He also negotiated the $100 million deal with Atletico Madrid for Saul Niguez.

Jonathan is not the only one that is celebrating the glory of being part of the Forbes list. The top 50 most powerful sports agents in the world have managed to negotiate more than $37.5 billion in active contracts. The sports agents have managed to accumulate $1.75 billion in commission in 2019. These figures have increased from last year.

Scott Boras is the Second most powerful Sports Agent.

Scott Boras is second on the list of most powerful sports agents in the world. He is a baseball sports agent and has been number 1 in the previously published lists. It is said that no sports agent has negotiated more significant sports deals than Boras in history. He currently manages an amount of $2.38 billion in active baseball contracts. This is the highest total for a sports agent ever. He runs Boras Corporation, and it might net $119 million in commission for 2019.

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