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Indiana Casinos Line Up for Sports Betting Licences

Indiana casinos are preparing themselves for sports betting as the state is set to release a draft of gambling regulations. The Indiana Gaming Commission (IGC) released the first draft of gambling regulations this week. Since the gambling law took effect at the beginning of the month, the public is expected to review the first draft and provide feedback.

The IGC is also accepting applications from vendors and Indiana casinos, sports betting provider and more for licenses. The Deputy Director of IGC, Jenny Reske, told the media that the commission has started receiving applications from many operators, this includes seven casinos in the state. Reske added that temporary licences would be issued to applicants that meet the preliminary standards.

Reske warned that even though the IGC is going to issue temporary licenses to the vendors and Indiana casino, they still have to pass other regulatory stages. The criteria to pass includes checking their technology platforms and their internal controls. Once the licences have been issued casinos in Indiana, sportsbooks and vendors can start offering sports betting services only in September.

Indiana Casinos

Laws Include Geofencing Options from Indiana Casinos and other Operators

The gambling law on sports betting in Indiana mandates the IGC to develop geofencing requirements for sports betting operators. Indiana casinos and other sports betting vendors that offer mobile gambling must ensure that this service is being provided within the state only.

The geofencing requirement does open up the possibility that online betting during sports events in the state may be excluded. Furthermore, governing organizations such as professional leagues or college athletic associations to ask for such an exclusion. However, the organization has to provide evidence that there will be a threat to the integrity of gambling in the event.

Public Feedback has been Opened

When the IGC published the first draft of the regulations, the public was then welcomed to comment on the law as it stands. The deadline for comment is the 1st of August. Once the public has provided feedback, then the IGC will work on setting up permanent regulations.

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