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What percentage of sports bettors win?

There is a low percentage of professional sports bettors that can sustain a high winning percentage long term. At most, the percentage goes as high as 55%, and it can get as low as 53%. So, if you have spoken to anyone that claims that they have won an average of 70% while betting on sports, just know that they are telling a tall tale.

Professional sports punters will tell you that if you are expecting a winning average of 60%, then you are expecting miracles.

However, the question “What percentage of sports bettors win?” is not a simple answer because the question and the answer are complex. But you should know that the margin is minimal.

That’s why it’s challenging for people to live off sports gambling because winning consistently is not an easy. Money line bets are straightforward wagers to place, and many professional bettors typically place money line wagers when they are not planning to risk everything.

Percentage of Sports Betting Wins

Types of Bets Professionals Use to Win

As we have said before, professional bettors do not use money line wagers that much because they are not much of a risk.

There are bets where players risk as much as 11 to win 10. These bets include the point spread and the over/under bets.  So, players can expect to consistently win 50% of the time against these types of bets.

After all, the only thing that is required to win is the proverbial flip of the coin. The result will either indicate that you have won or lost.

As you may know, the bookmakers earn a profit from the difference of what a bettor must risk and what a punter expects to win back.


So, if you wish to become a professional punter, these are the thing you should think about. Also, think about the fact that the sportsbook that you have signed up at will take almost 10% of your bet. That is why you always hear the term; the house always wins.

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