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Why Would You Bet on Negative Odds?

Negative odds are some of the various ways that sports wagering odds are represented at many betting websites on the internet. So, we can understand how all these numbers can be quite confusing when you are a first-time bettor.

The first thing that you need to know is how odds work and how they are calculated. Odds represent the probability that something will occur. However, you need to keep in mind that no one can know for sure whether an event will happen or not. But odds can provide the value to events that we cannot predict.

So, the odds that you see in many oddsmakers on the internet attempt to answer questions such as: which team will win the Superbowl? Or Who will win the soccer World Cup? The odds placed on these different events are just what the sports wagering site believes will most likely happen.

There are many ways to represent the likelihood of certain events happening when it comes to sports.

Sports Betting Negative Odds

American Betting Odds

These are the types of odds that you may have likely seen on many sports wagering websites in the USA. You may see a three-digit number which will likely have a negative or positive number. For example, -250 or +190.

So, a negative number will tell you how much you need to bet to win a profit. While the positive number tells you how much you are most likely to win when you wager a certain amount.

Decimal Betting Odds

Decimal odds are used in websites that are not based in the United States. They are quite easy to understand because they accurately show you what you are going to receive back.

For example, If New England is said to win at 3.00 in the AFC Championship, that means that if you bet $1, $3 will come back to you when the team wins.


There are so many other formats of betting odds that sports gambling websites use. These methods also include the fractional odds method.

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