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How Do You Cover the Spread?

You need to learn how to cover the spread if you are going to be a serious bettor. But before you become a serious bettor, you need to know what the point spread is all about. So, the point spread is the final difference in points between teams in a single event.

You will most often find that the favourite team has a handicap to make the odds as equal as possible. So, to “cover the spread” basically means that the favourite team won even with the handicap taken into account. Or the underdog has won with some extra points.

It may seem like the point spread bet is easy because it about classifying which team is the underdog and which is the favourite.

The way teams are categorised into favourite or underdog is done through numerical values that are given to each team by the sportsbook.

For example, the bookmakers take into account the weaknesses and strengths of a team before assigning odds. Like a matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and the Seattle Seahawks, these teams will get assigned odds based on their strengths.

More often than not, sportsbooks will assign points to the teams based on how the value of the team is perceived. That’s how the spread is set.

Cover the Spread

Do All Spread End in .5?

No. Not all points spread end in a .5, but a considerable amount does. So, the half-point ensures that the match will end in a winner and a loser and not a push.

A push means that the spread will equal the exact difference in points between the matched-up teams. You might be wondering what happens in a push.

Well, in a situation where there is a push means that all the bettors will get their original bets back. A push is not a good thing for the sportsbook because it won’t make a profit—that why all odds in a spread will end in a .5.


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