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Vegas Sports Betting TV Studio in 2020

A Vegas sports betting Tv studio is said to be launching in 2020. A Partnership between ESPN and Caesars Entertainment birthed an agreement to create a TV studio in the LINQ Hotel and Casino situated in the Vegas Strip.

LINQ Hotel_Vegas Sports Betting TV Studio

The studio is supposed to be the home for ESPN’s sports betting related TV content. Caesars Entertainment will provide ESPN with the betting odds spanning all platforms, including the TV and digital content. The ESPN launched the Daily Watch show in March that deals with sports content through the eyes of gamblers.

The announcement of the partnership comes after a rival broadcaster, Fox Sports, also announced its partnership with The Stars Group. However, many stakeholders are speculating about the financial terms of the union of the two organisations since they have not been disclosed. The Executive Vice President of Content, Connor Schell, said that having a Vegas sports betting TV studio will help with creating content about the culture of gambling, particularly in sports.

Vegas Sports Betting TV Deal Opens More Opportunities

Caesars Entertainment has been quite busy with various partnerships in the sports betting space. Bleacher Report, the sports media company, is also going to have a studio in Caesars Palace. Caesars Entertainment has also partnered with the National Football League and DraftKings, the daily sports provider. These partnerships happen in a very turbulent time in the organisation as a new CEO appointment is about to be announced. The New CEO announcement comes amid rumours of a pending sale of the organisation.


The gambling industry has seen rapid growth with the legalising of sports betting in seven states in the United States. More states are said to be following suit with sports betting regulations in the future. These states include Iowa, Tennessee and Indiana. According to the American Gaming Association (AGA), almost $8 billion was gambled.

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