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AFC East Betting Lines in the USA

The national football conference (NFC)’s east division comprises of the New York Giants, the Washington Redskins, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys. Each and every one of the teams is considered a top team in the market, with big expectations and big salaries, one year after the other. The NFC East is home to the top four of the most seven valuable teams in National Football League. These for are the Cowboys, the Giants, the Redskins and the Eagles. This means they are part of the top paying teams in the football leagues in America.

More so, all of these four are considered to be top destinations in attracting agent players to come and be part of their teams. This also means that the four teams have a lot of valuable resources. The Cowboys are leading the pack as they have most wins in the division title; however, the other three teams have at the very least made it to at one Super Bowl game since the alignment of the conference in 2002.

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Betting on AFC East Games

Let’s start looking at the Washington Redskins. The team has grown to be one of the strongest teams in the division and might just be poised to move up the NFL ladder anytime next year. However, the chances are that they’ll slip back considering that the rest of the east division pulls it all together.

Somewhere in Dallas, a healthy payer like Tony Romo on an excellent defensive line means that the Dallas Cowboys can easily shoot from the bottom of the ladder to the top again in no time. It’s a massive task of course but then still, the NFC is up for grabs by anyone, so why not them?

Heading over to New York, the NY Giants are not expected to make it to the playoffs or at least the Super Bowl any time soon. Currently, the defense has too many holes for them to permit the offence to win any proper games. The New York Giants have had a hard time in the past seasons, they currently stand as the worst defenses on paper, and they haven’t done anything much to change that. This has resulted in hurting their two most talented players Odell Beckham Jr. and Eli Manning.

As for the Philadelphia Eagles, their new coach might just unlock some hidden potentials in the team and a 9win season might just get them to the playoffs. However, they might win anything from 5 to 6 games and then continue rebuilding the strength of their team. The team is fighting so hard to forget the Vick experiment and their most recent struggles with a slightly new offensive philosophy and a new coach.


There are so many games that are played in the AFC East division, and US punters can place their bet at any top USA sportsbook we feature. So, visit any of the best online sportsbooks on our site and start betting your favourite teams now!

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