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Betting on the Philadelphia Eagles in the USA

The Philadelphia Eagles took a backward slide last season right after they won the Super Bowl LII in 2017. This was their first Super Bowl win in the team’s history. The Eagles belong to the National Football Conference (NFC) East Division. If the Eagles are your favourite team and you would like to bet on them, you can read this Guide through.  This is to ensure that you know everything about the team before committing real money.

As you may very well know, the Philadelphia Eagles do not have many National Football League (NFL) titles. The Super Bowl win in 2017 made their NFL titles total just a mere four. The team was established in 1933, and it was a replacement for the Frankford Yellow Jackets that went bankrupt. A group of people received the right to open a football franchise in Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia Eagles have had a long-running, intense competition with the New York Giants. This rivalry is considered the oldest rivalry in the history of the NFC East division. This competition was even named as the number one rivalry of all time.

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How to Bet on the Philadelphia Eagles

You may be wondering how you could place the best possible bet on the Philadelphia Eagles. Although the team had a good 2017 season, the following season was not all that great. Looking at the stats can be very helpful when you are deciding to place bets. Below you will find team stats that will help your decision making.


  • Total Yards – the team totalled 336.2, and in this regard, the Eagles are ranked 23 in the NFL.
  • Passing Yards – the total of their passing yards is 269.2, and this makes them rank at 30.
  • Rushing Yards – their rushing yards total 96.9 this total place them at number 7 in ranking
  • Points allowed – in the season the team had a total of 21.8 points allowed, and they were ranked 12 for this.
  • Field Goal – the percentage of field goals for the Eagles is 86.5, and this places them at number 18.


  • Total Yards – concerning the offensive side the team totalled 365.3 yards, and they were ranked 14.
  • Passing Yards – The Philadelphia Eagles were placed at number 7 because their total passing yards was 267.2.
  • Rushing Yards – The team has a total of 98.1 yards, and they were ranked 28 in the League.
  • Points Scored – The team scored an average of 22.9 points, and they took the 18th spot in the ranking.
  • Field Goal – in terms of the field goals, the team had a percentage stat of 83.9, and they ranked 18.

Team Leaders

When you look at the team leaders, this is how they faired last season

  • Touchdowns – Zach Ertz had eight touchdowns last season, and he was leading in the team.
  • Rushing – Josh Adams was leading the pack with a total of 511
  • Passing – Carson Wentz totalled 3074 in the previous season
  • Receiving – Zach Ertz featured again in the leader board with a total of 1163.
  • Sacks – Fletcher Cox was a leader in this regard with a 10.5 total
  • Interceptions – Rasul Douglas was the best in the previous season with a total of 3 interceptions.

Best Betting Lines for Philadelphia Eagles

You may be worried this season given the Eagles’ performance last season. The team did not perform as well as expected especially since they won the 2017 Super Bowl. Philly has some tough matchups in the upcoming season against NFC East Division teams. The experts believe that when Philly plays against the Bears, the best bet to place on the Eagles is the points spread. If you were interested in betting on a particular player within the team, then you can receive a large payout when using the over/under bet.

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