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UFC Betting Odds USA

The UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) is an American MMA event that takes place in Las Vergas, in Nevada. This championship has grown to be one of the biggest mixed martial arts events worldwide, especially in the USA. It features most of the high-level fighters available. The UFC has been making huge waves amongst both punters and fans.

The top-tier MMA betting event boasts of its exciting non-stop action that takes place every week and has grown a lot from its British style to just how complex it is today. Online betting requires you to do a lot of research, has a lot of patience and of course, some would say a bit of luck too. However, worry not, at Best USA betting sites we have compiled this UFC ultimate betting guide for you. So, read on below and learn all there is to know about this MMA event in the USA.

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Popular UFC Betting Lines in the USA

Before you start placing any bets on any of your favourite UFC fighters or UFC matches, you will need to know about all the famous UFC betting lines and odds available in the USA. Some of these are:

  • Moneyline Odds – This is the most loved betting odds amongst the North American betting sites and UFC bookies. This is a wager that a punter places on the fighter they believe will win. One will be called the underdog, and the other will be the favourite. This is dependent on whether the fighter is predicted to lose or win the match.
  • Prop Bets – This is when the bettors have to place a wager predicting who will win the match. A prop is short for the word ‘Propositions,’ and this means that the player can win specific bets based on the events that take place in the match.
  • Total Rounds – This is one of the most famous betting lines available in the USA. Here, punters will be betting on how many rounds they think the fight or match will have. Punters can specify their bets too. For example, betting that the right will end on the 5th round or within a certain range such as wagering that the fight will not get to the 5th round. The more the punter specifies their bet, the bigger the payout.
  • UFC Draws – It’s rare to encounter draws in the UFC or any other MMA event. However, if you are one of the brave and lucky bettors, then you will significantly benefit from this bet because you win 100 times your initial wager.

Top UFC Betting Tips

At, we have compiled the top three betting tips available for players in the United States:

  1. Fighter Conditions: The weigh-ins that are done are essential and it’s not only because of the stare downs but because it shows which fighter looks good and which one makes you doubt to put your money on them. Weight cutting is a huge factor and some of these fighters get drained by the cut and end up underperforming.
  2. Fighter Styles: As we all know, ‘styles make the fight’. This is one of the most important things that both sports betting sites and bettors consider when determining the fighter that will most likely win. This is because some fighters are weak when it comes to certain styles; however, the ultimate fighter will be able to win just from any fight. The best UFC fighters are not only versatile, but they can win a match regardless of their competitor’s styles.
  3. Weight Class – All weight classes are not made the same way. The difference in sizes for the fighters also means the match will have different fighting conditions. For example, heavyweights hit harder and usually have more knockouts. However, they also get tired faster. Bantamweights don’t often knock out as much as heavyweights do, and they are much faster and last longer in matches. So, all of this has to be considered when placing bets on the UFC.

Bet at the Best UFC Sportsbooks in the USA

UFC Betting has been growing in the realm of sports betting all over the world, especially in the USA. So, what are you waiting for? Visit any of the top USA sports betting sites we feature and start placing your bets today!

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