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What is the Hardest Sport in the World?

You might have asked yourself what the hardest sport in the world is. That question may be very difficult to answer because fans of different sports will tell you that their sport is the hardest sport in the world.

Many people will tell you that Rugby and football are the hardest sports to play and to bet on but there are other sports.

So, taking a look at the different sports and what challenges all these sports have that make them difficult to play and bet on.

However, there are various reasons that make a particular sport difficult. On the other hand, the sport may be difficult for us average people but it may not be incredibly difficult for sportsmen and women.

So, if you want to know what sports is the hardest to play and bet on then all you need to do is read this guide further.

Hardest Sport in the World

Top hardest Sports in the World

Here is a list of sports that is considered the hardest to play and bet on the in world.

1.      Water Polo

Water Polo is a sport that is overlooked both in the sporting world and in the gambling world. The sport is mainly an Olympic sport and you may seem to bet on it during the Olympics.

As the name suggests, water polo is a sport that is played in the water. So, there is a lot of kicking and grabbing of things in the water.

You can tell that the sport is quite a physical sport because the players need to make sure that they don’t drown while aiming to win.

2.      Boxing

Boxing is considered the second hardest sport in the world because it is not easy to go into the ring and trying to beat someone until they fall to the ground.

So, it requires a lot of skill to actually make sure you are hit less than your opponent.

3.      Gaelic Football

Gaelic football is still considered an amateur sport. Gaelic football is basically a cross between soccer and rugby.

So, that means that players can pass the ball using either their hands or feet. Also, players are allowed to slap the ball from the hands of their opponents.

It seems like anything goes with Gaelic football, so, it may be quite difficult to win against opponents that will use their hands and feet to win.

4.      Gymnastics

You may be surprised that gymnastics is considered one of the hardest sports in the world but it is. The fact that gymnasts put their bodies through the most grueling processes in fitness qualifies this sport as one of the hardest on the world.

Not many people, including sports stars would be able to take a day of training of gymnasts.

5.      Basketball

If you have seen Michael Jordan and LeBron James on the court you will admit that not many people are able to do what they can do.

Although many people play basketball from professional to amateur level you may thin k that it is easy to play the sport. But you have to incredibly talented to be able to make it professionally in basketball.


It’s not easy playing the various sports we have mentioned on the list. That is why when you get the opportunity to bet on the various sports you have to be sure of the bets you are placing.

Make sure that you read guides that will help you place the best possible wagers on these various sports. You will also get to devise strategies that will help you gain an edge when gambling.

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