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Washington Tribal Casinos to Offer Sports Wagering

Washington tribal casinos have been allowed to offer sports wagering to gamblers. Recently, Governor Jay Inslee signed a bill that permits Native American casinos in Washington the ability to offer sports gambling in their venues. This comes as a great reprieve as many casinos are losing revenue due to the Coronavirus.

However, sports wagering in the tribal casinos could take months to become operational. Besides, Washington is yet to discuss the sports gambling compacts with the tribal casinos. Currently, 29 Washington tribal casinos have shown interest in offering sports gambling.

The discussions are expected to begin once the Covid-19 crisis has subsided. Annually, Washington tribal casinos gross an approximately $2.8 billion in legal gambling. Interestingly, the money is used to fund several services in the different tribal communities.

Washington Tribal Casinos

Tribal Casinos in Washington Happy About the New Bill

The executive director of the Washington Indian Gaming Association, Rebecca Kaldor, told the media that hopefully, this move would make up for the loss in revenue. So, Washington state is one of 21 states that offer sports gambling. Therefore, many sports wagering operators have either launched in the state or are about to start.


As many states in the United States are preparing the legislature to ensure that sports gambling is permitted, some sports wagering operators are not happy with the legislature. For example, Maverick Gaming, a sports gambling operator based in Nevada, is fighting the state for the clause that is attached to the Bill. So, the company has made legal moves to ensure that the clause in the Bill is struck down immediately.

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