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Washington Sports Gets Ready to Launch

Washington sports was legalized in March for in person wagering. So, that means that bettors can only bet on sports online while they are in any of the tribal casinos in Washington.

Experts have projected that if Washington started allowing online gambling the state could accrue approximately $38 million.

There are four state tribes that have submitted applications to allow sports betting to happen in their casinos. Currently, these tribes include Kalispel, Suquamish, Snoqualmie as well as Tulalip who are still waiting for approval.

Also, these casinos are in talks with authorities on licensing issues and requirements. There are also talks about the integrity requirements and how the various casinos will enforce these requirements.

The current law that was signed in by Governor Jay Inslee stated that only wagers on professional sports could be accepted. However, the language in the bill did not explicitly prohibit college sporting events from being wagered on in the future.

The Bill was very clear on the prohibition of mobile sports betting in the state.

Washington Sports Betting

State Gaming Commission Will Oversee Washington Sports Betting Operations

While sports gambling is permitted in tribal casinos the Washington State Gaming Commission will oversee all operations in regards to sports betting.

However, an expansion in the future with the possible inclusion of mobile sports betting will be in the cards. But there will be some pushback from factions that did not want sports gambling in Washington.

It won’t come as a surprise that Washington state would love to open for wagering before the NFL season starts. However, that seems like a far-fetched dream because the Coronavirus has set a lot of things back.

California Legislators See Washington Sports Betting as a Loss

Legislators in California may see this as a loss because they have tried for a long time to work around the tribal monopolies. The fact that tribal casinos have exclusive rights to sports wagering in the state.

Tribal casinos do not like state legislators which means that they will not accept any proposals that do not favor them 100%. That is why tribal casinos have total control of sports betting activities.

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