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Wimbledon is known as the world’s most prominent tennis championships. The tournament has offered many American bettors with some fantastic moments because of its decorated history. Wimbledon is famous for strict devotion to tradition, and the best example is its request for all the players or participants to wear an all-white playing strip.

This could not be any different in the realm of betting where you will undoubtedly find a plethora of betting lines and markets. Our top reviewers have come up with a comprehensive review of the championship, including the top betting odds and best sports betting tips to help you win real money when you are betting on the Wimbledon. So, read on below for more.

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Wimbledon Betting Odds and Lines

Below are some of the most popular betting lines used by many American players when they are betting on the tournament:

Parlay Betting

One would ask themselves, ‘in a championship that is dominated by the best four teams, how do you place bets in the early rounds and win real money?’ Well, it’s simple. Though a single head to head wager with the top seeds may be out of the question because of the small returns, you will have a good chance of turning a profit if you add four or more of these wagers in one bet. It’s important always to remember that the Parlay bet acts as a multiplier so one will receive much more than they anticipated if they put on a series of single bets together.

Outright Betting

Wimbledon is one of the tournaments that everyone wants to win and because of that, expect the big gun to come out firing big shots. This is the focus level that the top players or teams have, it’s quite rare to see any other player not in the top-tier players’ category; lifting the trophy. Since the turn of the century, there’s only been one man outside the usual top four teams to win the tournament.

Why is this important? Well, there’s a reason why there’s a massive gap between the price of the top four teams and the other teams. And because of the rare occasions of any other team to win the tournament, we do not recommend Americans to place bets against the top teams. Maybe with time, this might change when players such as Djokovic, Murray, Federer, and Nadal retire. But until then, it’s not worth it to bet on any other person or team.


Our selection of the exotic betting lines is the one that permits US bettors to choose the number of sets wanted for victory or a big win. Though a straight-sets victory betting line might be the favorite for the top bettors in the early rounds, it will pay way more than the simple heat to head betting odds. If one is to put these odds in a parlay, than the basic bets, the chances are that they will stretch their possible dividend.

Famous Winners at Wimbledon Tournament

Below are some of the top consistent winning players of the Wimbledon championships that US bettors might want to keep an eye on:

  • 7-Steffi Graff (1988,’89,’91,’92,’93,’95,’96)
  • 7-Serena Williams (2002,’03,’09,’10,’12,’15,’16)

Bet on the Wimbledon Tournament in the USA

With a lot of matches being played at the same time, we offer USA players the best sportsbooks to make their bets on their favorite teams and players. So, when it’s the season for the Wimbledon championships, you know where to turn to already. Visit any of the top-ranked bookies we feature and start betting on sports online! It’s that simple.

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