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Tennis Betting Guide USA

Tennis has grown to be one of the most popular sporting activities in the world, especially in America. The sports ranks on the most loved sports in the USA, after soccer, hockey and horse racing. The amazing thing to hear is that most online betting sites are taking part in accommodating the sport. As a result, tennis betting odds are now easily available at the best sports betting sites available in America. So, read on below and find out what the realm of tennis betting has in store for USA players.

Top 10 Tennis Betting in America

Best Tennis Betting Strategy in the USA

Finding affronts on the game may be a difficult thing to do because most of the times, it's always the player that wins the tournament. On the other side of the coin, US bettors that put in some time to study and research will come across big edges available on leading favorites, as well as the live underdogs. Many sports betting beginners focus more on player names, their records and reputation instead of placing their wagers focusing on how the players are playing in a particular sport.

For instance, John Isner is guide a good player in the Tennis industry and has quite a powerful serve. When playing against rival teams, with a sub-par or average return game, chances are he will be unbeatable! However, when compared to an extreme returner, John Isner is bound to be susceptible. At, we advise players to first learn and understand the strengths and weaknesses of different players before they place their bets on them.

The Surface betting strategy is also something to consider when one wants to bet on Tennis. Players like Nadal and David Ferrer are known to be better on clay as compared to any other surface. You may want to consider this betting strategy when betting on the top popular tennis matches in the USA.

Finding the best Tennis Sportsbook in the USA

For any general tennis bettors in the United States of America, they may say that all sportsbook sites are the same. However, this may be a different story for tennis enthusiasts looking to wager at the premier sportsbooks online. When betting lines are released as well as the extra prop bets available, it's important to compare several sports betting sites and choose the best. On our site, we have shortlisted the top tennis betting sites available in America, visit any of them and start placing your bets today.

What to Consider when Betting on Tennis in America

There are many factors to consider when you learn how to wager on tennis. It is important to understand that players have different strengths and weaknesses and some play better on certain conditions. There are four main surfaces that tennis is played on; grass, clay, hard court and the carpet. Due to the speed that both the ball and player can move on these diverse surfaces, a player's level of performance varies on changed types of court.

Tennis players also have different skill sets and experienced tennis bettors know how players play and what type of a player they favor to play against. At an elementary level, tennis players can be right-handed or left-handed and this should be taken into consideration when it is important to take this into betting on tennis. Few examples of the different tennis players are; baseline players, big-servers, defensive players, players who prefer playing at the net or all-rounders.

Tennis Bets Available

There are a lot of events used in the realm of sports betting in America and some of these are:

  • Individual Player totals: This refers to the number of tennis sets or games won by a specific player.
  • Not Winning a Set: Placing your wager on weather a certain player will win a set.
  • Correct Score after Specific Number of Goals: Placing your bet on what the score will be after a particular number of games are played.
  • Tie Break: Wagering on weather a certain game will have a tie or not.
  • Winning Margin: This is the number of games that are won in a match.

Bet at the Top Ranked Tennis Betting Sites in America

To start wagering on the game of Tennis, bettors need to understand the game first. As many may already know, the game is played on a rectangular-shaped court and is divided into two by a net. Each half is divided into two as well namely the Deuce (right side) and the Ad (left side). On each side of the court, there will be a service box that goes from the net in the middle until half of the edges of the court. The player's aim when playing is to hit the tennis ball into the opponent's service box and get points from that.With that being said, visit any of the top ranked sports betting sites in America and start betting on tennis for real money today!