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Betting on The Stanley Cup in the US

Studies have shown that hockey has lost a bit of its popularity in the past years due to the different sporting codes. However, NHL betting has remained as robust as it has ever been. Sports bettors still find placing wagers in the finals as thrilling as ever. The Stanley is regarded as the oldest cup in professional sports. The trophy dates back as far as the 1915s and hockey enthusiast show as much enthusiasm as they did in the past. It's vital for us to consider how money can be won with betting on the Stanley Cup.

Top Stanley Cup Betting Sites

Stanley Cup Finals

As the last part of the NHL playoffs, the Stanley Cup finals is an event that is played by the winner of the Western Conference and the winner of the Eastern Conference.  Seven games are played in a series, and the best of the seven games is considered the winner. The team with a leading record in the regular season hosts the first, second, fifth and seventh games while the other side hosts the third, fourth and sixth game. The Stanley Cup Finals is considered the largest part in the NHL, which ends in the Victor holding up the most coveted trophy in the sport. The intensity is felt both in the rink and the betting lines. In the event that the score during the regulation time is a tie, the game will lead to 20-minute sessions (as many as possible) with five skaters on each side will play without shootouts until one of the teams score. 

Stanley Cup Money line Betting

The Money line Betting of the Stanley Cup works in the same way as the money line on the regular series bets. You can bet on who you think will be the outright winner of the series. When looking at the money line odds, it is essential to take note of the pick’em bet, which is represented by (-110) on both sides. This means the oddsmakers have not picked a favourite.

Stanley Cup Playoffs Total Betting

Just as in the regular season betting, the sportsbook will estimate the combined total amount of points that both teams have scored and bettors will have to bet whether they think the sum total will either be over or under the amount set by the sportsbook.

Stanley Cup Betting FAQs

 It is understandable to want to know as much as you can about the Stanley Cup and the different available betting strategies. Here are a few questions that come up frequently when the Stanley Cup is the focus. 

How can I successfully bet on the Stanley Cup?

Learning as much as you can on the two teams will bode well for your earnings. Find out about the Statistics of the teams and go further and find out about the individual players on each side. Arming yourself with knowledge of the teams will help you make the right betting decisions.

How can I bet on the Stanley Cup?

There’s a variety of ways that punters can place bets on the Stanley Cup. However, the most popular betting lines in the Stanley Cup are the money line, and the Totals bet. The more enthusiastic Stanley Cup bettors will use the puck line to make things more interesting.

How do the betting odds work?

The Stanley Cup odds determine the likelihood of a particular team winning the trophy. They are also helpful in determining how much cash you will earn if you bet on the champions of the finals.