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Soccer Betting USA

When placing bets on soccer, the first thing that you have to do is choose a league. There are three big soccer leagues namely: Major Leagues Soccer, Euro Cup soccer, and the World Cup. In the United States alone there are four leagues that one can choose to bet. The United Soccer League, also known as the USL, Is one of the oldest leagues in North America.

One of the most successful professional leagues across the globe is the USL Championship which boasts a population of 84 million in North America, in 2018 the league historically had the most significant season with 3 million soccer enthusiasts attending the games. The USL League One is the USL's third division and is said to be moulding the future of soccer in the United States. This is a relatively new league with ten teams set to play in a season of 2 games.

The last league in the USL is the USL League two which was also known as the PDL. The league comprises of 60 teams spread across four conferences all through the US and Canada league.

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Top USA Soccer Betting Odds

There are different soccer betting options that you can choose. Having knowledge of soccer and the different strategies that can be applied will help your betting odds immensely. There is a variety of betting options for soccer games that you can choose. Here is a list of betting options to give you a basic idea of the different soccer betting options.

Points spread

In this option, the sportsbook or oddsmaker will ensure that the least favoured team in the game starts with a favourable point in the spread, while the most favoured team will begin with a negative point. Usually, the oddsmaker will start the spread with half a point for the least favourite side and half a point for the most liked team, this is to ensure that when the underdog doesn't win they lose with one point.

Money line

The Money line is one of the most popular forms of betting in soccer. One of the requirements in this form of betting is picking the winner in the matchup. Betting on the least liked team will usually yield more substantial earnings because it is considered a significant risk.

Asian Handicapping

This type of betting has two options on the spread instead of three because the oddsmaker will remove the draw from the options. Many experts think this form of betting increasing the punter's odds of winning significantly.

Live Betting

There are a lot of betting options within this form of betting. Bettors can choose from various scenarios, from the result of the game to whether a player will score the goal or not. These bets usually happen when the game is playing hence the name.


Prop bets are placed on different scenarios that may influence the game. Bettors can come up with a unique situation that they think will affect the game while in play. For example, a punter may place a bet on the number of goals a player will score in the first half of the soccer match.


This form of betting is similar to other sporting codes. A bettor may place a wager on an event that will happen farther into the future. For example, you may choose to bet on who will win the league at the end of the season.

How to win money in Soccer Betting

One of the most important things when betting on soccer is understanding the value of the odds that are on offer. The general public might favour a team; however, smart bettors have to look at whether the chance of the favoured side winning is better than the odds that are offered by the oddsmakers.

The ability to see the value means that you will be able to see odds that are consistently high and taking advantage of that opportunity. Many experts believe that the general betting public does not fully know how to spot value and therefore the market is favourable to those who can see it.