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Ravens vs Patriots Game Odds and Picks

Ravens vs Patriots game will be one to watch this weekend. All eyes will be on the Patriots to clinch another win in the upcoming game on Sunday. Will the Ravens be able to steal a win from the Patriots this time around? The 2019 the NFL league features two teams that are yet to be defeated. It has been a while since two teams have been able to reach 7-0 in one campaign. The 49ners are the other team that has not been defeated in the 2019 NFL season.

Many experts believe that this time around the Patriots will have a hard time against the offence of the Ravens This Sunday. In the past, the Ravens have been able to play the Patriots very well, especially in the Harbaugh era. They were able to win 3 of the six games that they have played against the Patriots.

Expert bettors think that the Ravens are ready to take on the Patriots because they are healthy and well-rested.

Ravens vs Patriots Odds and Predictions

Ravens vs Patriots Stats

When you look at the statistics, the New England Ravens have a very tough defence. None of the Quarterbacks they have played against has the same sheer talent that Lamar Jackson has. His name has been mentioned in MVP discussions. Coach Bill Belichick will find ways to limit Jackson on Sunday.

While the Patriots have not been defeated since the season has begun, they haven’t faced a quarterback that is of high quality as Lamar Jackson. The Ravens’ offense line is also quite efficient this time around. Its defence is also not too bad with the acquisition of Marcus Peters as well as Jimmy Smith’s health improvements. The Patriots are going to have a hard time this Sunday.

Ravens vs Patriots Game Odds Predictions

If you would like to wager on the Ravens vs Patriots game on Sunday. Then look at the following Ravens vs Patriots Betting odds:

  • Patriots Spread: -3
  • Ravens Spread: +3
  • Patriots Money line: – 159
  • Raven Money Line: 143
  • Over/Under: 45

The game will be played at 8:20 p.m. ET. Watch top experts discussing the games odds and predictions:


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