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Western Union Payment Option

In any online betting site, the first step that you must take as the bettor is depositing money into the account to be able to start betting. It’s vital for you as a sports bettor to be able to make deposits speedily and efficiently. A sportsbook needs to be able to offer bettors a diverse range of options when it comes to withdrawal and depositing methods. Safety is also another issue that must always be considered by players as well as the sportsbook.

There’s a plethora of banking methods that are available for use in the United States which are accepted by the majority of sportsbooks. One of those banking methods is Western Union Money transfer. Western Union allows players to deposit money straight into the sportsbook account. Western Union is amongst the most popular methods of banking used when placing bets. On this page, we will explain the nitty-gritty details of transferring fund from your Western Union account into your sportsbook.

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How does Western Union Work?

To understand how Western Union works you need to think of it as the ‘middle man’ connecting the recipient of the money and the person who is sending it. If you wish to send money, you can check on the Western Union website to see where the closest agent is to you.

When visiting the Western Union office, the first thing that you will have to do is fill in a form. Then you need to hand the form to the Western Union agent and the amount of money that you wish to send and. Please note that there will be a fee for the transaction.

Sending Money Online

While the manual way of sending money through Western Union does not need you to open an account, the same cannot be said for online transactions. The online platform is only available in 23 countries, the United States included. You will need to open an account on Western Union. Once an account has been opened, you can then proceed to send money online. Just log onto your Western Union account and select the country you wish to send money. Proceed to choose the amount and the payment method. The following step is to fill in the recipient’s name, which in this case will be the betting site that you have chosen to place bets. You will then receive an email that provides you with the tracking number which you can then share with the recipient of the money.

You can also choose to send money to the bank account of the recipient. Make sure you have all the banking details; most online sports betting site will provide this on their About Us page.

Western Union Mobile App

There is a mobile application that you can download onto your mobile device and transfer money using a few steps. The app is available on Android and iOS powered devices. iPhone users also have the benefit of using the Touch Id option which will access your credit or debit card, and money can be sent instantly.

Withdrawing from your Sportsbook Balance

You can use this payment method to withdraw fund from your account. When you wish to withdraw funds, you only have to go to the cashier’s page on the betting site and choose Western Union as the preferred method.

Advantages of Using Western Union for Betting

The depositing and withdrawal methods for Western Union are relatively simple, and a lot of people are familiar with Western Union. Most sports betting sites accept Western Union as a valid method to send and receive money.

Disadvantages of Using Western Union for Betting

A lot of people have complained about the fees charged when depositing funds into different accounts. The nice thing is that some Sports betting sites will choose to waive the depositing fee as a form of a bonus for depositing. The other drawback with Western Union is that the minimum depositing amount is more substantial than most payment methods. If you are a first-time bettor who doesn’t wish to deposit a large sum of money, Western Union might not be a suitable payment method for you.

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