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AFC South Betting USA

AFC south division was in founded in 2002, and it mainly comprises of the National Football League’s youngest teams with the Tennessee Titans relocating to Houston and re-branding to just ‘The Titans’ in 1997 to 1999, the Jaguars kicking it off in 1995, and finally the Texans being launched in 2002.

The only ‘old’ team in the AFC South division is the Indianapolis Colts; they have been in existence since the 1950s. The Colts are the only ones who have won the Super Bowl in the whole of the AFC South division, with their win in 2006. So, read on below and learn all there is to know about the AFC South betting lines and odds in the USA.

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Betting on the AFC South Games in America

Starting with the Texans, the team has moved from right at the bottom of the ladder, to the middle of the pack. If the defensive teams stay healthy and the offensive one ever clicks, they will be considered as a threat to make a move in playoffs. So the other teams might just want to pay attention to the Texans, they are stepping up their game.

The Colts, on the other hand, have Andrew Luck as their franchise. If he is in a healthy state, they may just make it to the playoffs; it’s that simple. Without him backing up the team, the holes in their roster will be exposed real quick. However, if the team wants to be more serious about winning the Super Bowl, he would certainly need more help from them to go along with his legacy.

On the other side of the coin, the Jacksonville Jaguars aren’t really a perennial favourite. They haven’t made it to the playoffs in years and could not even finish at .500 from the time they went 8-8 in 2010. Regardless of reaching 8-8, they still missed the playoffs in that same year. From that time, they have basically been struggling to win just a handful of games, every year. US punters don’t necessarily expect much from the Jaguars nowadays. For the last couple of seasons, the team has won between two to five games each year.

Finally, there are the Titans. As of now, the team no longer goes by the nickname ‘stuck in the middle’. This is because, in the past, they would work so hard and work their way up but would fail to make it for the playoff, not even one appearance since 2008. However, the team isn’t bad enough to score a match-changing draft-pick. Unfortunately, they have now fallen to the depth or the bottom of the National Football League.


With that being said, USA bettors can place their wagers on their favourite teams in the AFC South division at the best Sportsbooks in America featured on site. Visit any of the sports betting sites we feature ad start placing your bets today!



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