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AFC North Betting in the USA

The AFC N north division is one of the leading four divisions that make up the American Football Conference (AFC). The division is made up of teams such as the Cincinnati Bengals, the Baltimore Ravens, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cleveland Browns. The division’s smash-mouth and hard-nosed teams resulted in the division being referred to as the ‘toughest’ one in football.

Looking at the previous statistics, the Pittsburgh Steelers have had the most successful amongst the other teams in the north division. The team has recorded most playoffs, Super Bowl wins and appearances, division titles, AFC title and much more. Recently, the Steelers, Bengals and the Ravens have all players against comparable and talented teams.

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Bet on the Top AFC North Games

We are going to have a look at the teams’ brief background so that you have an idea of which teams to bet on, based on their history in the football industry. Starting with the Bengals, they were quite a good and impressive team. However, they are still one of the 13 NFL teams that haven’t won a single Super Bowl match since 2015, but since 2011, they have always made it to the playoffs. The team’s leader is Andy Dalton, and this is only after Carson Palmer left the team in 2010, after being with them for seven years.

As for the Ravens, the team has faced quite a couple of injuries and has only managed to win just a handful of games, mostly in 2015. Hopefully, this year the team will rise up again, rebound for full strength and work hard to at least make it to the playoffs. However, after a somewhat, disappointing campaign in the previous year, they are hoping to improve with good fortune and good strength this coming season.

The Pittsburgh, on the other hand, is doing alright. Ben Roethlisberger, the team’s quarterback, is now getting older and this has left many Pittsburgh fans wondering why he’s still part of the team. His quarterback game is still good enough to lead them into yet another playoff race.



And finally, there are the Browns. The Browns are looking to make it through the season/ basing on Johnny Manziel to assist in rebuilding the team. Initially, he was meant to the golden child, but sadly he turned out to be just a child like everyone else. However, it will be unfair to blame coaches or the players for a playoff drought of about two decades.

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