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The Seattle Seahawks have won ten games and were able to reach the playoffs in the previous season. No one expected this to happen because the Seahawks were rebuilding in that season. However, even with the ten wins under their belt, Russel Wilson and the Seahawks are struggling to convince sportsbooks that they will make it to the Super Bowl playoffs.

The Seattle Seahawks are placed in the 14th spot to win the 2020 Super Bowl. There are other teams like Green Bay and Cleveland that have much better odds than the Seattle Seahawks. But we must not discount the Seahawks yet. The surprising performance of last season is an indication that Wilson and the Seahawks are looking to improve from the previous season’s performance.

As punters, you should expect the Seahawks to bring you a thrilling and jaw-clenching season. Indeed, the team does not have a strong defence that led them to many victories in previous seasons, but Russell Wilson is one of the best quarterbacks in the league and last season he proved that the Seahawks can deliver.

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Seattle Seahawks Betting Odds

  • The sportsbooks in America have placed the odds of the Seattle Seahawks winning the Super Bowl at +2981. This means they are the underdogs. If you decide to bet on them, the payout should be pretty handsome.
  • When it comes to the NFC Championship odds the oddsmakers have the Seahawks at +1375, making them the underdogs in the NFC. So, you should be very careful when you bet, make sure that you have chosen your bets wisely.
  • The NFC Wes odds for the team are +340. Once again, despite their performance, they are placed as the underdogs.
  • The Seahawks had a win of 9 games in the regular season.

With Russell Wilson in their team, the Seahawks managed to have more rushing yards than passing yards. This made betting experts quite nervous because there was not much expected from the Seattle Seahawks in the previous season. Since Mike Davis has left the team, Rashaad Penny is likely to have more time in the backfield in the coming season.

Betting Lines for the Seattle Seahawks

  • The upcoming game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Cincinnati Bengals is quite exciting because the Seahawks are the favourites in many sportsbooks. In the points spread the Seahawks are placed at -8 (-110).
  • When it comes to the money line bet for this game the Seahawks are the favourites with


  • The Seahawks are placed at U 43.5 (-110) in the total bets. With this bet they are the favourites to win against the Bengals.

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