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The Los Angeles Rams are one of two teams that are located in Los Angeles, California. The team competes with other teams within the National Football Conference (NFC) West Division. The division includes the Cardinals, Niners, and the Seahawks. The Los Angeles Rams are the only team in the National Football League (NFL) to have won three League Championships while representing three different cities. These include Los Angeles, Cleveland, and St. Louis.

You will have noticed that the Los Angeles Rams had improved in their form when they appeared in the Super Bowl LIII but lost to the New England Patriots. Many US bettors are very interested in placing bets in favor of the Rams because of this kind of performance. You may be one of those who want to bet on the Rams but are not sure how they the stats are looking. There is no need to worry, we have compiled this guide to help you navigate the Rams betting maze.

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Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl Betting Odds

Some might say that the Los Angeles Rams controversially won the 2018-2019 NFC Championship. You will remember that there was a non-call on the third-down pass received by Tommy Lee Lewis which resulted in Jared Goff to lead the Rams in the field to a tie. These moves ensured that the two teams would go into overtime. When Drew Brees intercepted, the Rams emerged as the victors and gave them a guarantee into the Super Bowl.

Some sportsbooks have the Rams as the underdogs to the Patriots with a +2 point. However, as you know, the line moves daily so this may not be the situation when the Rams eventually take on the Patriots. You have to continually keep an eye on the sportsbooks to make sure that you have the right odds. Despite the Rams being the favourites for the majority of the year, you should not count on the Rams to win the game against the Patriots. Expert NFL bettors don’t believe the team will cover the spread and win.

Various Betting Lines for the Rams

  • Rams Moneyline – When you consider that more than two points win most games, then using the money line to bet on the Rams is undoubtedly a solid decision. The Los Angeles Rams have proven to be the best team in previous seasons. The team has more wins than any other team in the NFL. The Los Angeles Rams money line is set at +110 at top sportsbooks in America.
  • Over/Under Bet – the sportsbooks have set the over/under bet at 57.5 for the Los Angeles Rams. This is the highest Super Bowl total that sportsbook has set in a long time. This total is one of the highest in a playoff game.
  • Prop Bets – as a Los Angeles Rams bettor, you have the chance to have to vote on other bets. These bets include prop bets. Many bettors have found this to be the most exciting bet to use when betting on the Los Angeles Rams.

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