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The San Francisco Niners have had great success in the past because they utilized the offensive mind. The team decided to hire Kyle Shanahan and was expected to restore the 49ners to the glory that it once had before. In 2019 the San Francisco Niners are dying to get back to relevance since they did not do well in the past two seasons, with just only ten wins.

It was quite a setback for the 49ners when the starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo was down with an ACL injury right after he had made three starts. So, no one can blame Shanahan for the less than inspiring performance last season. However, the San Francisco Niners and Shanahan are well aware that the clock is ticking for them. It remains as something to be seen whether the Niners are going to be able to make the playoffs or achieve 500 record. We have compiled this guide to help you with the stats that involve the 49ners.

If you are looking to bet on the Niners then you have come to the right place. This guide will help you with all the betting questions that you might have.

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San Francisco Betting Stats

San Francisco did not have a good season in 2018 with just four wins following the unexpected exit of Jimmy Garoppolo due to an injury. The Niners were only able to cover the spread only twice when they were on the road. Then they did that only three times on the home ground.


  • When you look at the total yards of the San Francisco Niners, you will see that they ranked 16 for a 306.6 total.
  • Then when it came to passing yards, the Niners did a bit better with a ranking of 15 because of a total of 241.7
  • The total of the rushing yards for the 49ners is 118.9 which allowed them to rank at 13.
  • The number of points scored is 21.4, but they ranked in the 21st
  • The team did very well with the field goal percentage, which is 97.1%, and they ranked in the first spot.


  • The total yards of the Niners in the defence aspect is 346.6, which allowed them to rank in the 13th
  • The San Francisco Niners were able to rack up a total of 233.2 passing yards, and the ranking was placed at the 11th
  • The 49ners ranked in the 14th spot for having a total of 113.4 rushing yards.
  • The team was able to allow 27.2 points per game, and this record placed them in the 28th
  • The Niners ranked in the 24th spot for a percentage of 88.9 in field goals.

Leading Team Members

  • Matt Breida was able to score a total of 5 touchdowns for the San Francisco Niners.
  • Again, Matt Breida came through for the Niners with a total of 814 Rushing yards.
  • Nick Mullens was impressive when he was able to make 2277 passing yards for this San Fran team.
  • George Kittle had a total of 1377 in the receiving category.
  • DeForest Buckner managed a total of 12.0 sacks for the Niners.
  • Antonio Exum Jnr contributed to the team with one interception.

Betting on the San Francisco Niners

Many expert bettors in the US are expecting that the Niners will be much better in the upcoming season. However, don’t expect great success with this team, the Niners are expected to have marginal improvement from the previous season. Oddsmakers are not expecting the San Francisco Niners to have a big payout for bettors.

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