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A year ago, you may have seen the Arizona Cardinal floundering to an abysmal 3-13 record. However, the 2019 season is said to be a new team altogether. When the Cardinals hired Kliff Kingsbury, the former Texas Tech head coach. In addition to that the team also drafted Kyler Murray, many sporting enthusiasts know that this player is the winner of the Heisman Trophy.

The question that every bettor should be asking is, will the Arizona Cardinals take off winning early on in the season or will it be a gradual progression? The cards are up in the air with that one, but it looks promising as many sportsbooks in America have placed them in the top of NFL ranking despite their dismal season.

There are many essential things that you need to know about the Arizona Cardinals before you make any betting decisions. This guide is designed to help you in that regard. We’ll give you the stats and odds on this team.

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Betting on the Cardinals at top Sportsbooks

Here is a breakdown of the stats on the Arizona Cardinals:


The Cardinals did not do well in the offensive side. The team was ranked almost last in all the categories. And this includes them scoring 14.1 points per game. In 2019, bettors and fans should expect a new and improved Cardinals.

  • When we look at the total yards in the offensive side of the team, we can see that the Cardinals had a record of 241.6 which places them in the number 32 spot.
  • Looking at the passing yards, the Cardinals managed a total of 157.7, and they ranked at 32 for this.
  • Then there were the rushing yards in the offensive side which totalled 83.9, and they ranked 32 in the NFL.
  • The average number of points scored was 14.1, and the team ranked 32 for this.
  • The percentage of the field goal was 70.6, and this placed them in the 30th


The team finished 20th overall for all the categories. However, there are categories where the team excelled.

  • On the defensive side, the team managed to get a record of 358.8, and this landed them in the 20th
  • When it came to the passing yards, the record was 203.9, and they ranked at an impressive 4th
  • Then came the rushing yards where the Cardinals were able to rank in the 32nd position for a total of 154.9.
  • The team allowed 26.6 points from the other teams, and for this, the Arizona Cardinals were placed in the 26th
  • It was looking up for the Cardinals in terms of the percentage of the field goal the team was able to rank in the 8th spot for 80.6% field goals.

Leading Team Members

  • David Johnson was the best when it came to the touchdowns because he managed a record of 10 touchdowns.
  • Again, David Johnson was able to have a record of 940 rushing yards for the team.
  • Josh Rosen led the team with 2278 passing yards.
  • Larry Fitzgerald was able to make sure that the team was led well because he managed a total of 2278 passing yards.
  • When it came to the sacks, the team leader, Chandler Jones, was able to have an average of 13.0.
  • Tre Boston was able to help the team with a total of 3 interceptions.


A lot of sportsbooks are expecting the Arizona Cardinals to be better in the upcoming season than they were last season. This prediction is based on the fact that is new draft picks that can turn this team around. The teams that the Cardinals are going to face stronger teams that were able to make it to the playoffs in the previous season. If you are planning on betting on the Arizona Cardinals make sure that you have made the appropriate decision, it also helps to be a cautious bettor this season.

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