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The New Orleans Saints are quite an exciting team in the National Football League (NFL). The name is derived from the fact that the football franchise belongs in New Orleans and the “Saints” part of the name is a homage to “All Saints Day.” This day is observed on the 1st of November in the Catholic faith. You may wonder why the Catholic faith would feature so prominently in the team’s name. Well, there is a large population of Catholics in New Orleans, and many spiritual songs are associated with New Orleans.

When you look at the New Orleans Saints games throughout history, then you will see that for 20 years the Saints have not been quite competitive. At some point, they were barely scraping by when they finished with a point 500 only twice in their history. In 2005 the home ground of the Saints, the Superdome, was damaged by Hurricane Katrina and the Saints had to play their home games elsewhere. However, the Superdome was soon repaired, and the Saints continued to play there.

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Betting on the New Orleans Saints

When you look back to 2009, what will stand out for you will be the historic wins that the team achieved in that year. The New Orleans Saints football was impeccable in that year. They were able to win 13 games and qualify for the Super Bowl. To this day the Saints have not won another Super Bowl since 2010 and have not appeared in other Super Bowl Championships.

However, thigs are seemingly changing because last year the Saints and the Rams were the two teams that were leading the NFC. These teams were vying for the position to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. Sportsbooks were then opened, and the Saints were pegged at a 3.5-point home favourite, and the total was estimated at 57.

The Saints do not have a pick for the first night of the NFL draft in 2019. They are sitting at number 62, which means that they have to wait. Even though they have to wait to make a pick, it does not matter because the New Orleans Saints are not looking to pick anyone for any position at the moment. In addition to that, the Saints decided to utilise their fifth-year option on Sheldon Rankies. But you should not count on the Saints lazing around when the NFL draft season opens up. They are not known for that.

How to Bet on the Saints

There are a few different bets that you can use to bet on the New Orleans Saints this season. Here are a few stats and odds that will make the betting process a bit easier:

  • The oddsmakers have the Super Bowl odds for the New Orleans Saints at +978
  • When it comes to the NFC Championship odds, the sportsbook put the odds of the Saints at +375
  • In the NFC South Division odds, you will find that the Saints are the favourites with -186 odds.
  • The regular-season winning odds are thought to be at 10.5.

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