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March Madness Betting in the United States

College basketball has gained much traction in the past few years and has attracted a lot of interest from sports fans. This interest has also garnered a lot of attention from sports bettors around the United States. With the NCAAB Tournament being one of the most anticipated events in the sporting world, millions of dollars are wagered during Mach Madness.

If you are still a beginner at basketball betting and would appreciate a few tips achieving a win with your bets, then this page is the right place for you. Get the best expert strategies that will help you spot the winning odds.

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March Madness Betting Pools

Whether you’re an office worker or a professional sports gambler we all get embroiled in the high-intensity and fever of March Madness. However, sometimes it may get a tiny boring when betting in the same leagues over and over without variation. Luckily there are people out there who live to spice up March Madness betting with unique and quirky leagues to bet on. You can also be one of those people by starting your own March Madness betting pool. It can be fun when all your friends are participating in deciding which team will win in the end. The best way to start your pool is to start a bracket, which means, you and your friends decide which team will win in this intense, unpredictable tournament.

March Madness Betting Strategies

Getting an edge over the sportsbooks can help immensely in spotting great odds and winning big in exercise. Learning a few strategies from experts is an excellent way of determining the different approaches that are used by professionals.

Bet on Schools You Know

It can be very tempting to throw your money into every school and game there is in the tournament because you think it will increase your odds. This cannot be far from the truth. Try to bet on games and schools that you have watched and are familiar with; this is the best way to save your money.

Be Careful of the Favourites

There are teams in the tournament that the public will like irrespective of the line. The books sometimes overly value teams that are ranked higher. The public knows the less a team, the less likely it will be favoured. If you do decide to bet on the favourites, keep in mind that the oddsmakers have placed a premium on that particular team.

Track the Team Performance

It’s a good idea to check on how the team you plan on placing a wager on fairs at the end of the regular season. So, you will want to bet on teams that have had a strong regular season. Usually, teams that go into the tournament after playing back-to-back games do not do well in the tournament compared to the teams that get rest in between.

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