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Japan World Cup Betting Guide for US Bettors

The Japan World Cup is set to be one of the most thrilling events in the Rugby industry. A rugby world cup is an event that comes around every four years, and this year it is Japan’s turn to host. There are many questions that sports fans and bettors are asking when it comes to the Japan World Cup. Everyone is wondering whether the All Blacks will be able to hold on to the trophy that they won in 2015 when England was hosting.

It is challenging to choose one team that is a guaranteed bet to win the world cup. So, choosing which team to bet on can be very challenging, especially for new bettors. We have compiled this guide to help you navigate betting on this world cup.

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Rugby World Cup Bet Types

The Rugby World Cup in Japan is set to become one of the most-watched events this year. This means that sportsbooks are expecting different types of bets to be placed. Here is a list of sports bets that you can place at the top sportsbooks in the US.

  • Head to Head: when you are placing this bet, you are trying to determine which team will win a particular match. Therefore, you may have a favourite and an underdog.
  • First try scorer: You can use this bet to bet on which player you think will be the first to score the first try. The different sportsbooks will then set odds that are fixed before the match even begins.
  • Parlay or multi-bet: This bet involves putting multiple bets on one ticket. The size of your win is determined by the number of bets you have placed in the ticket. For example, you may have bet that Australia will win at 1.10 and England to win at 2.20. These odds will then be multiplied by the amount that you have bet.
  • Outright tournament winner: This bet is the same as a futures bet in other sporting codes. If you are only interested in who will win the world cup then this is the wager that you can place.
  • World Cup Best Moments – You can bet on what moment you think will be deemed the best one in the Japan World Cup. The best moment does not have to be from the winner of the tournament.

Top Nations in the Japan World Cup

There are top contenders in the latest rugby world cup that are pegged to be winners of the coveted trophy.

New Zealand – The Kiwis are the most favoured nation going into the Japan World Cup. Their Fans will not be impressed if the All Blacks do not lift the William Webb Ellis trophy. The previous two world cups have proved exceptional for New Zealand. That is why they are the firm favourites for this world cup.

South Africa – many experts have been stating that the Springboks are on the path of rebuilding something special. South Africa is undoubtedly a strong contender against the All Blacks. This statement is more accurate, given the fact that the Springboks won against the All Blacks in 2018.

Australia – 2018 was not a good year for Australia. There has been a call from many fans that coach Michael Cheika must revitalize his team. This needs to be done quickly because others are calling for his removal as a coach. It would be a big surprise to see the Wallabies lift the Webb Ellis Trophy.

England – This team has a lot to prove given its dismal performance in the 2015 World Cup. Even so, they are still the top contenders of winning the Japan World Cup. Coach Eddie Jones has immense experience in coaching other professional rugby teams, including Japan.

Ireland – There are high expectations on this team to do well in the Japan World Cup. The hope comes after their fantastic performance in the Six Nations in 2018. Ireland is expected to prove their worth on the big stage.

Wales – Wales along with Ireland and England are viewed as the best in the Northern Hemisphere. Since Wales has scored quite a big win in the 2019 Six Nations, the victory has placed Wales in many people’s radar.

France – In the past eight World Cup tournaments the team has made three appearances. That is why they are expected to be one of the strong contenders in the Japan World Cup in 2019.

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