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Sandwich Game Theory in the US

The sandwich game theory is based on the ideas that teams will have off-games. Even those teams that are considered as the cream of the crop in the National Football League (NFL). It would be ideal to have players who are all performing at their optimal best all the time, but sometimes that is not feasible.

At one point, a team will feel confident enough to win the game.  And other times you will see the effects of the long season on the field. As avid sports fans we have seen our favourite teams performing well in game, and the next week, they are the laughing stock of the whole league. In a long season, it may be tough to guess when the team will perform poorly or vice versa.

That is why sandwich game theories exist. If you want to know more about this Theory, then stick around because we explain all that you need to know.

What is the Sandwich Game Theory?

The sandwich game theory is the explanation of an easy game being in the middle of two other, tough games. For example, the Kansas City Chiefs are expected to perform well in the AFC West tournament. However, they could face a game that is considered a ‘trap’ in the betting world. Two teams are contending for the Superbowl that the Chiefs will have to play. These teams are the Chargers and the Steelers. The Chiefs will then have to go home to play a game against San Francisco then travel to Denver to face the Broncos.

You can see how this travelling back and forth can take its toll on a team. While some teams, like the 49ers, are considered relatively harmless to the Chiefs. The other teams that Kansas City has to face are serious competition. You may think that the game against the 49ers is a guaranteed win for the Chiefs. But, be careful before you bet because the team may perform poorly. This is how the sandwich game theory works.

Pros of the Sandwich Game Theory

There are a few things that can be good for bettors when they use the sandwich game theory, such as:

  • Bettors will be able to identify games that could potentially derail their favourite teams.
  • If you are betting on the same team throughout the tournament, the Theory can help with identifying which games the team won’t be performing well on. You can then decide whether how to bet on that particular game.
  • The Sandwich game theory can help you understand the stakes of each of the teams playing against your preferred team.

Cons of the Sandwich Game Theory

As with anything in the world, there is a positive and a negative to it. This is the same as the sandwich game theory. Here are a few problems with this sandwich theory:

  • The most obvious problem is that some teams are don’t respond poorly to the ‘trap’ games as expected. Some of them perform optimally. So, you want to be very careful when placing bets.
  • The Theory does not provide any guarantee that the opposing team will be better than the other team.
  • The other potential danger of applying this Theory to your betting strategy is the fact that it neglects the motives of the opposing teams.
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