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Moneyline vs Point Spread Betting

The moneyline vs point spread debate has been going on for a long time in the United States. These two bets are the most popular wagers in amongst bettors. It is no wonder that there is a debate raging around it. The moneyline bet can be considered one of the most basic forms of sports betting that is available to punters. You are merely choosing who you think is going to win a particular match. You don’t have to fuss about calculations and points.

The point spread wager is a bit more advanced than the moneyline bet, but it’s not difficult to grasp. Instead of choosing who will win the game, the spread allows you to guess by how much they will win or lose. So, there will be negative points for the team that is favoured and positive points for the team that is considered the underdog.

There is much to be said about both wagers. We decided to compare the benefits of both bets so that you can make your own choice. If you are not sure where you belong in the moneyline vs point spread debate, then you should read on to get clear on your position.

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Benefits of the Moneyline Bet

There are many benefits that you can get from using the moneyline bet. We all understand that for the games that are involved, winning is the most critical objective. They don’t care if they have won by one point or ten points. This is the same for the moneyline bet, as a bettor you are only interested in which team will win at the end of the game. Understandably, you may not be sure where you fit in within the moneyline vs points spread debate, especially if you are new to betting. Here are a few benefits about the moneyline:

  • The moneyline bet is not complicated to understand. Even novice bettors can use the moneyline bet without learning much about betting.
  • Choosing the underdog and betting on the moneyline is a sweet deal. The moneyline bet on the underdog pays more than betting on the favorite.
  • The money line odds are better than those offered by the point spread bet.

Benefits of the Point Spread Bet

The points spread may not be as easy to understand than the moneyline bet, but you can get familiar with it in no time. The point spread does require you to have some knowledge about the teams to be able to make predictions about the total points scored. The wager offers its own set of benefits that will make you consider using the bet for the next sports game. Here are a few pros that will sway you towards the spread wager in the moneyline vs point spread discussion:

  • The point spread bet is excellent because you don’t have to choose which team will win. There is no need to invest emotions in the different teams. You can look at both teams’ stats and figure out their strengths and move from there.
  • The points spread generally stays the same. The most common points that you will find of the spread is +/-1.5. So, the cost of the bet is always the same.
  • It’s challenging to make a bad bet with the point spread. The public generally bets on the favourite team, so the odds always favor the sportsbooks.
  • If you lose in a point spread bet, the worst you could lose is the money that you bet. Whereas, if you bet the favorite using the moneyline bet, then you could lose your bet and a little more if the sportsbook won.

Both the moneyline and the points spread wagers are beneficial in their way. You have to decide where you stand in the debate about moneyline vs point spread. They both have their risks and benefits.

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