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Top Del Mar Race Track Betting Guide

Are you one of the top horse racing betting fanatics in the United States? Then you certainly know that at the Del Mar Racetrack, that’s where the real fun is. Established in California, the Del Mar racetrack is known to be the second-largest event in the United States of America, with a capacity of about forty-four thousand.

The Del Mar racetrack has a long history that goes back for decades and decades. Being founded in 1937, it has been a host to some of the big-name races across the world. However, if you aren’t in California and would still love to take action in wagering on the event, we have you covered. Have a look at any of the top sports betting sites we feature below.

Best Del Mar Racing Betting Sites


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The Full List of Best USA Online Casinos

Horse Race Betting at Del Mar

USA punters must know that they don’t have to be at the event for them to place wagers on their favourite horses. The Del Mar racetrack event is available to bet on online on various sports betting sites, some of the best featured on our website. So, if you are too far from California, you all you have to do is to sign up at any of the top betting sites in the USA and watch the action from whichever state you are in. Adding on to the live broadcasts, there are exciting live betting odds in place to assist punters in making the right betting decisions.

The various horseraces have particular wagers that. However, the basic bets win are applicable to all races, and exotic bets have different wagering amounts from as little as USD$0.10 for a superfecta wager! Every exotic bet can be made on any race, but there are conditions that apply when it comes to superfecta and the trifecta bet. These two bets need to at least have three and four wagering interest, respectively. We advise USA punters to always fully read and understand the terms and conditions of every wagering option before they commit.

The Del Mar Race Track Schedule 2019

The horse racing season runs from July to December. However, the first part is from July to September, and the second part is from November to December. This means that in between the two seasons, there is a two months break. Below is the first schedule for the July to September season if you are interested in betting on the Del Mar racetrack event this year:

  • 17 July: Opening Day for the Season
  • 13 August: Pacific Classic Draw
  • 17 August: Pacific Classic (TVG)

The second season will be starting on the 8th of November 2019. So, what are you waiting for? Start getting ready to place wagers on one of the exciting horse racing events available in the USA!

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