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Best Hockey World Cup Betting Guide

The hockey World Cup is an international hockey world cuphockey event that is organized by the National Hockey League. The World Cup tournament for hockey was created in 1996 and contrary to other global sporting tournaments; the World Cup adjusts the NHL rules. This event usually takes place between 17 September and the 1st of October. Eight teams will be competing against each other in the city of Toronto in Canada. The teams are made of the top NHL icons such as Sydney Cosby from Canada and Patrick Kane from the USA.

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Betting on the World Cup

After every four years, the Hockey World Cup tournament has significant teams of the sport playing at their hardest with amazing skill and quite enjoyable to watch. This is where legends are made, where the world’s best players battle to become the best. Since 2018, the hockey World Cup tournament now comprises of 16 teams. American hockey fans can expect a lot of games during the group stages, quarterfinals, and the arrangement match.

World Cup Hockey Games USA

In world cup championships, the qualifying teams represent different nations where a team of all-stars is selected by the authorities and the coach. This is what makes it all twice s nice, having one country competing against the other. So far, the hockey world cup has taken place twice, in 1996 and 2004. In the first event, the USA took the Cup home followed by Canada, eight years later.  The other top teams when it comes to hockey include Finland, Sweden, the Czech Republic and Russia.

Since the tournament has only taken place twice, there isn’t much of a need to compare teams to this year’s teams. The most important thing to take note of is that the under-23 North-American team players were between six and eleven in 2004. Also, the two teams that were replaced in the world cup –Germany and Slovakia will be providing their best hockey players together with other European counties so as to come up with one big team.

We urge USA bettors to try so hard to learn more and understand every nation’s team. They need to know where their strength and weakness is, this will help them to make bettor decision when they are placing their bets. The best is to look into the teams that make it for the Winter Olympics and the IIHF Ice Hockey. However, when placing wagers, it’s essential to know that every race is different from the other

women hockey world cup

Hockey World Cup Betting Odds

Our expert team of punters has compiled a list of some of the most famous betting odds used when wagering on the world cup. Some of these are:

Moneyline Betting

This is the most popular way for one to wager on their favourite hockey teams. This betting option alternates a point spread because of the low scores. With Moneyline betting odds, the player’s chosen team needs to win the game as a whole, not just win by scoring more goals.

Puckline Betting Odds

Puckline betting is a combination form of NHL betting – the money line and the point spread. This means that the punter’s team needs to make it by at least more than two goals for them to win.


It’s important to know that oddsmakers move and set betting lines during the season, depending on the strength of the teams competing. The best-rated team in a match might be +400 odds for it to be the winner of the Cup.

Total or Over/Under

Also commonly referred to as Over / Under betting odds, this is a number set by the oddsmakers where the punters must bet on whether the overall number of goals scored in a match both teams will either be lower or higher.

Bet on Hockey World Cup at Top US Betting Sites

Although it’s been a while since the last world cup was held, the event is back with a bang! Many American hockey lovers are excited and cannot wait to place their bets on their favourite teams. So, make sure not to miss out on the fun too!

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