NHL Betting in the USA

Every punter in the United States is taking an interest in NHL betting. Every year the NHL attracts new people because of the sheer energy and excitement that comes with the league. If you follow how religiously and know all the teams’ weaknesses and strengths, why not profit from your passion by placing fun and interesting wagers? This page is solely committed to teaching beginner bettor on the nitty-gritty details of betting on the NHL.

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NHL Betting Options

Like many other sporting codes in the world, there are various betting options that bettors can use to when they want to place wagers on their favourite NHL teams. Some betting options are more complicated than others, but all of them provide as much fun and intensity as the game on the rink.

Money line bets

In hockey and many other sports games in the world, the money line bet is one of the most accessible forms of betting that is available. In a money line bet it is a case of choosing which team you think will win. In other betting lines the time the victory happened is critical, the money line bet doesn't concern itself with that. If you bet on the winning team, the payout will remain the same whether it happened in overtime or the regulated time.

The money line bet is usually represented with positive or negative numbers which bookies will attribute to the different teams. The figures show the chances of the teams winning against the other side based on a lot of factors like star player injuries, standing position etc. 

A positive money line means that the team has been deemed the underdog by the oddsmakers while a negative number shows that the team is the most favoured in the sportsbook.

Three-way Money line 

This betting option takes into account that there may be overtime on a particular game. NHL Bettors sometimes refer to this option as the 60-minute line. Three-way money line allows bettors to bet on whether a game will end in a regulated draw or not. That means that to get a payout your team must win within the regulated time. This gives you better odds of winning; however, once there is overtime, then the bet is voided.

Puck line Bets

This betting option was created to help teams that don’t measure up to the stronger teams. In this line, goals will be added or subtracted depending on the number that has been affixed to the team in the sportsbooks. Favourite teams will always get the (-1.5) number attributed to them which means whatever their final score, the bookies will subtract 1.5 goals from the team. While the underdog will be given the +1.5 symbol and will have accordingly have the 1.5 goals added to their final score. This means that the favoured team has to win by two or more games and the underdogs cannot lose by two or more games.

Game Total Bets

This form of betting can sometimes be called to as the goal total depending on the sportsbook you have chosen. This bet aims to guess the total score of both teams combined. The game-totals bet is similar to the over/under betting line that is available in other sporting codes. As a punter, you will have to bet whether the total score will be over or under the set number in the sportsbook.

Parlay Bets

Experienced bettors view parlay betting as one the favourite ways to turn a profit when betting on the NHL. In a parlay bet, there is a slew of smaller bets that have been combined to make a big bet. You can join two stakes and create a two-leg parlay or join three bets and create a three-leg parlay. It is essential to keep in mind that as the number of legs increase so do the odds that have been offered.