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Best French Open Betting Guide

The French Open, also referred to as that Roland Garros is one of the french openmost significant annual betting events when it comes to Tennis. It’s the only big event that gets played on a clay surface or clay court. Of late, the tournament has resulted in some of the exciting matched between legendary players such as Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. It’s to no surprise that some USA avid fans would be so keen to wager on the different games to amplify the thrilling sport. Read more below.

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French Open Head to Head Betting

Just like how the name already implies, head to head bets is when punters predict the winner of a specific matchup. When making a head to head bet, it is vital for the bettor to conduct research all the other factors that may influence the results of the match and your bet. For instance, in the French Open, aces are unlikely to happen, and so the punter needs to pay more attention to the player’s fitness instead. However, some of the sports betting sites permit punters to pace their wagers on stats such as the number of aces that’ll occur in a match etc.

Live Betting

Live betting has grown to be the most preferred betting option in the realm of betting on sports. In many cases, the favourite often has a bad start, but as the match progresses, they manage to pick up the pace and come back. As a result, when betting on the French Open live, we advise US punters to find a match where the favourite isn’t doing so well and place their bet in their favor. In most cases, this is when the odds are the highest. Should the favourite start picking their pace (which most likely happens) then rest assured that you are in for a huge payout.

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french open betting odds

Top French Open Betting Tips

As mentioned above, the French Open is played on a clay court, and this makes it different from all the other tennis tournaments. As a result, our expert team of punters has compiled a few tricks and tips for American punters to keep in mind when wagering on the Roland Garros:

  1. In many cases, the winner of the French Open is mostly ranked as the world’s number one. USA sports betting sites will mostly peg many other low ranked players to win the tournament as a result of the game’s unpredictable nature. In the past couple of years, the bet to be placed has probably been on Rafael Nadal, who has managed to win the tournament eleven times in the past thirteen years. Always research the players before you bet on the French Open for real money.
  2. Look at the European tournaments such as the Italian or the Madrid Open. Though the tournaments aren’t as familiar as the Australian Open that many USA punters wager on, they are also played on clay courts. Because the French Open is played on a clay surface, looking into other tournaments played on clay surfaces will broaden your idea of what to expect when being on the French Open. For example, Rafael won the Italian Open and the Monte Carlo Open in 2018, before he proceeded to the French Open.
  3. In regards to the women’s singles tournament, betting on who will win the game is a bit more volatile as compared to the men’s tournament. This is because the women tournament has seen different winners in the past decade as compared to the men’s singles tournament. Ultimately, when wagering on the women’s singles tournament, we recommend American punters to try and analyze the best players going into the game.

Bet on the French Open in the USA

Because of its unpredictable nature towards the finals, the French Open is one of the most exciting tournaments to bet on. So, what are you waiting for? Visit any of the tennis sports betting sites we feature and start betting on your favourite e player in the French Open!

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