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Fantasy Golf Betting in the USA

Fantasy golf betting has been making huge waves in the realm of sports betting in the United States. With fantasy golf betting, US punters are given an opportunity to create a team that comprises of real professional golfers from a specific league. The online betting sport also allows USA gamblers to earn points depending on how their fantasy golf lineup performance is on the field. Many US golf fanatics are well informed about the game as they love reaping amazing rewards and fantasy golf betting; on the other hand, makes victory taste a little sweeter. The game caters for both new players and seasoned players as it is available in both the free play mode and real money mode.

There are many fantasy golf betting sites online that are now offering US players the best betting experience available on the internet. American punters can easily access any of these sites via their mobile devices, and this makes it a whole lot easier for punters to find top fantasy golf betting sites in the US, from wherever they may be. In this guide, we have included the different types of fantasy betting available for US players, tips and tricks to make use when betting on fantasy golf. So, read on below and learn more about the online betting game.

 Top Fantasy Golf Betting Sites USA


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The Full List of Best USA Online Casinos

How to Bet on Fantasy Golf in the US

Fantasy golf betting comes with its perks as there is a wide range of betting types available for US punters to take advantage of. Some of these include:

Head to Head Bets: This is when two players bet against each other with the hopes of winning. Many US players prefer this bet because it’s easy and straightforward.

Double Up Game: With this bet, a US punter can wager against a large group of punters. When the season ends, the punters in the top half of the league will have their initial bets doubled, and the players in the bottom half will receive nothing.

Prize Pool: This is when each player pays an entry fee and the total amount then makes up the prize for the winner.

Cash Games: With this bet, players create or join traditional leagues where the winning side will take all the winnings.

Top Fantasy Golf Strategy

Just like any other fantasy sports available in the US, players must make sure that they have a strategy before they start placing real money bets. There are so many fantasy golf betting leagues available online, and so participants must always select a league where they know the duration of the tournament. It’s also essential for the players to know the rules of the league they desire to join. At, we urge punter in the USA to familiarize themselves with the top three strategies below:

  • Course Matters – As many may aleady know, there are different courses available. As a result, it’s essential for players to know the courses that are available when they research their lineup. These courses can change every week, and a good example would be for players to look back at the difference in courses after matches were played.
  • Find the Value – For one to make sure that they have good value players; they must have a look at the odds available. Online sports betting sites set odds for a specific player basing on the weather or any other essential elements. So, always check out various fantasy golf betting sites and compare and also calculate the odds before you commit to any bookmaker.
  • Make the Cut – More than half of the field in the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) event is eliminated on Fridays. In this case, American players won’t only have to be concerned about the number of points a player can score, but whether or not they will make it to more than half of the match or game.

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