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Sports Betting with Bitcoin

It is understandable to assume that Bitcoin is difficult to get around and that it is impenetrable. This payment method is a relatively new thing for most people. With guidance and lots of information can help you navigate the different ways of betting with this cryptocurrency. Read below if you want to find out more about betting using Bitcoin.

Betting Sites that Accept Bitcoin

Betting with Bitcoin – Getting Started

The very first thing that needs to be done before starting to bet with Bitcoin is creating an account with a Bitcoin Wallet. This wallet will operate as your ‘bank account,' and you can use it to buy and sell Bitcoin. You need to keep in mind that there are a few types of Bitcoin wallets available out there. Some of these Bitcoin wallets require you to install their software your pc while others can be operated on the web.

The next will require you to fund the account you have just created. The easiest way to do this is to use your credit or debit card to transfer funds. It takes a few minutes to convert your dollars to the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Once you have done this step, then you are almost in the homestretch. 

Transferring Funds to the Betting Site

Once you have bought your bitcoin, you can start searching for betting sites that accept Bitcoin. Look at the table above to see the best betting sites that also accept Bitcoin. You can only deposit funds from your Bitcoin wallet to the betting site by generating an address. So you will have to copy the address from your betting site account into your Bitcoin Wallet that you have chosen. You should be able to see an option in your Bitcoin wallet that allows you to send funds from the wallet to the address.

Withdrawing Funds from the Betting Site

You need to copy your Bitcoin address from the wallet into the betting site. This address is necessary because the address is used by the betting site to send the funds to your wallet. When the money reaches your account, you must remember that the money is still in Bitcoin and you have to convert it into dollars. To convert the funds to dollars, you will have to sell your Bitcoin for dollars. On most Bitcoin wallets there should be an option for buying and selling Bitcoins.

Advantages of Betting with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is well positioned for betting because the transaction only involves the Bitcoin wallet and the betting site. For people who don’t want to deal with Third-party regulation and fees then Bitcoin is the best method to use when betting. Most depositing and withdrawal methods impose authorization on the transaction that you make. Most Bitcoin wallets don't have any of that. 

Security is also a considerable benefit when using Bitcoin. Majority of Bitcoin wallets only require minimal personal details to set them up. This helps you maintain some anonymity when betting online. This can prevent identity theft and other types of fraud on the internet.

Disadvantages of Betting with Bitcoin

The different occurring events of the world affect the value of the Bitcoin. Any political talk that involves the economy can alter the value of your Bitcoin funds.

You need to take time to learn Bitcoin to be comfortable enough to use the funds for betting.