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Is eSports Gambling?

If you have ever asked: are esports gambling? Then you have come to the right place because we are going to answer all those questions for you. Well, esports is Gambling. It is the same as the traditional sports gambling that you are used to. However, esports gambling is less developed than your regular sports wagering.

In esports gambling, players can choose between a cash-based wagering and skins-based Gambling of the esports games. So, for esports gamblers, the choice for Gambling is whether they are going to do it while using the cash-based method or the skin-based method.

If you are interested in finding out what the difference between the two formats of esports gambling, then all you have to do is read further.

Esports Cash Betting

Esports cash gambling works the same way the traditional sports wagering works or even internet casino games. So, if you understand how sports Gambling works, then you will definitely do well when you are gambling on eports.

Are eSports Gambling

Skin Wagering on Esports

Skins are internet items that can be used in a game, for example, counter-strike: Global Offensive (CS-GO). So, these internet items have the same purpose as when a player changes his avatar, equipment, and weapons.

Many games use the skin format, but the CS: GO is quite popular in the skin esports gambling market.

For example, when players change weapons, they may choose to change the skin of the weapons they use.

Popular eSports Games for Gambling

There are many types of esports games that you can get involved in. Here is a list of all the esports that you can gamble on.

Sports wagering – may esports fans enjoy gambling on sports. As we have said before, this type of esports betting is no different from the traditional form of Gambling in sports.

Fantasy eSports – there is quite a demand for wagering on fantasy eSports, albeit small. If you want to get involved in this type of Gambling, then you should keep in mind that it is a cash-based form of Gambling. You will find fantasy eSports gambling at DraftKings if you are interested.

Jackpot Games – these are games that can be classified under the lottery games. Essentially, you get to place a bet for a small amount in the hopes that you will get a huge payout. However, you need to keep in mind that this form of eSports Gambling is available at skin gambling websites.

Casino Games – you can find games such as roulette, raffles, and blackjack available for eSports gambling. Interestingly, these games are quite popular amongst eSports gamblers. Also, as with jackpot games, you will find these games available at skin gambling sites.

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